Anugraha Healing (Anugraha Reiki)

Anugraha Healing (often called (Anugraha Reiki) is a mystical healing art originating in India centered around a healing diksha that was given at Satyaloka. This diksha in addition to its physical healing aspect also had properties of opened channels so that people would have profound divine mystical experience. The recipient often has personal encounter with the Divine in a form that they could see. Such mystical experience was a common denominator in the lives of Saints, Sages, Prophets and Mystics. Grace is the key to transformation. Anugraha means Grace. It is among 5 functions of the Divine that ultimately ends in Liberation or Mukti. It also refers to the Power of Revealing and on another level relates to Mercy.

In the first degree the focus is on self healing, self awareness, repairing and perfecting relationships and karma. A Diksha is given that activates seldom used parts of the brain that man used to use to commune with the Divine. A simple yet advanced spiritual practice is given that will transform consciousness and lead to deep states of awareness in 30 days. Great compassion (karuna) is born and cultivated during this time. Sacred sounds and mantras are given to institute a change in consciousness. Insights and a sutra on the nature of suffering are given. The Deeksha for Healing & God Realization (Self Realization) helps the initiate to discover an Ultimate Truth beyond the 5 senses. Prana balancing to the degree that it would take many years of yoga and meditation to achieve on one's own generally occurs.

At the second level the focus is on healing others. Sacred sounds are taught that help to positively impact consciousness. Past life and destiny revelations are experienced and the agreement one made before coming here can be seen by many who take this attunement. An advanced meditation for manifestation is taught as well as Karma Yoga. A mantra to invoke the presence is taught along with the techniques for doing healing work in this tradition both face to face and long distance.

Upon entering the third degree initiation, the initiate will usually be relatively clear of his or her own physical and psychological suffering. Esoteric use of reiki symbols, such as for astral & shamanistic journey, meditation, altering time or space from the causal plane, bridging the worlds between life and death, easing the transition process. Lastly there will come a time when you will see that you cannot heal long term that which you did not create. Lazarus was raised from the dead yet he did die again.

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