Avatar of the Golden Age

Kalki according to tradition is the tenth avatar or incarnation of Vishnu (Buddha was the ninth avatar of Vishnu).
The symbolic form of Kalki is on a white horse wielding a sword. The Name Kalki literally means "The Annihilator of Ignorance."
His Divine Mission is to close Kaliyuga, the Iron Age (one of 4 Yugas or time zones that mark the spiritual progression of mankind not the technical iron age), and usher in the Golden Age, a new period of peace prosperity and harmony.

The current age Kaliyuga, also called the age of darkness and ignorance. It is the most degenerate and fallen of the ages, characterized by a hardening of the spiritual core of mankind, an almost total lack of sacredness, and extreme materialism, as humans can no longer determine what is essential for living in this fallen age and what is irrelevant. The Antaryamin, or Indweller has been put to rest in the heart of mankind. Those of you with a New Age background may think of this Antaryamin as the Higher Self.

An avatar is a being that comes to change the "truth". Edison was an avatar of science. The Beatles were avatars of music. A Celestial Avatar has a definate Divine purpose. One can see how the Christ changed the "truth" just in the first 2 words of the Lord's Prayer: "Our Father". Man began to relate to God as a loving father

In the Golden Age, in a gesture of Supreme Friendship, this Antaryamin, through an extenally stimulated action awakens the heart. Many have already been having such Profound Divine Mystical Experience. Such experience, this personal encounter with Divinity in one form or another (Moses and the Thorn Bush is a well known example of such experience) is the one common denominator in the lives of all Saints, Sages, Mystics, and Prophets.

It is so important to the evolution of the consciousness of mankind, for it is belief(ignorance and speculation) that separates, while discovery unites. Just see for a moment the sufferings of the saints and discoverers throughout time. How the nature of belief (ignorance) is to destroy anything that will shed a light on it for what it truly is.

Kalki's Divine Mission is to close Kaliyuga, the current age of darkness and ignorance and usher in the Golden Age, a new ten thousand year cycle of peace, prosperity and harmony. He is to liberate all of mankind from suffering and to bring enlightenment to all of mankind.

This picture will be very meaningful to those of you in touch with the dawn of the Golden Age which is a shift in consciousness as well as an astological occurence. The advent of the Kalki Avatar is a necessary component in this phenomena.

Previous interventions from the Kingdom of Heaven can be likened to putting a lump of fine gold in a glass of water. The gold remains gold, and the water remains water. The next incarnation of Vishnu, who is called the Sampoorna (total-meaning the incarnation of God or Supreme Consciousness on this planet)Avatar can be likened to putting a drop of yogurt in into a glass of warm milk. Soon all of the milk will be transformed into yogurt.

Man cannot transform himself. He can become highly reformed however, in his practicing of concepts such as love, kindness, honesty, etc. But true transformation is a result of Mystical Experience. You might say that transformation is a benediction.
Another look into the lives of the saints, prophets and mystics would reveal all.

We are now in the throws of a mighty spiritual awakening, unprecendented in the history of human kind. People from all walks of life are walking and talking with God in a tangible form. Their hearts have truly flowered, and for them, Heaven has met Earth. They have entered the Golden Age which is a state of consciousness as well as an astrological event.

Other would say that this is not possible. That the old calendars say that the Golden Age won't "be here" for thousands of years. Currently there is heated debate in India as some experts have claimed to have found errors in the ancient calendars. This puts the date of the Golden Age very close to the end of the Mayan calendar.

Below is a biography of a sage in India that 16 million call Sri Kalki Bhagavan. Many believe him to be the Sampoorna Avatar for his ability to give enlightenment to others. Never nefore in history have so many average people been given enlightenment. The icon of Kalki Bhagavan is world renouned as meditation on it even for brief periods of time can lead to pround divine mystical experience, the union sought by yogis, the Awakening of the Antaryamin and transformed states of consciousness.

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by Sri Sankara Bhagavadpada

The present compelling circumstances in which I find myself, are probably not the most conducive for bringing forth a biographical narrative on the life and work of the Living Sampura Avatar, Sri. Sriman. Kalki Bhagavan. First of all, it calls for devotion and daring of the highest kind on the one hand and the blessings of vast erudition and narrative powers and a direct first hand knowledge of the life and work of The Great Being on the other; so as to reveal to all - mankind - even if only in an outline and in an abridged form - a human life of the rarest kind-that most legitimately we may consider to be one of the holiest, the greatest, the most precious - the world has yet seen. As one who is still hesitating; whether he adequately possesses the gifts of necessary devotion and daring and the further blessings of vast erudition and narrative powers, I am taking the first few steps of this truly awesome journey, with a certain sense of trepidation.
As it appears to my eyes; my only legitimate right in bringing forth this biographical narrative myself, rather than leaving it to some other more accomplished and competent hands - springs from my very first spontaneous surge of earnest aspiration to write about Him; which had welled up-on that day of days, some twenty five years ago -when the great Master dispatched to me, His first " letter of awakening ". Perhaps, I shall have occasion to dwell at greater length on these " letters of awakening" , a while later, in the further development of the story. For the time being, it is enough for me to tell you that I offered to write His biography and reveal it to the whole wide world; when there wasn't as yet a single soul on earth, who could have known, who my Master really was. That aspiration had come at first, as an overwhelming desire, as soon as that " letter of awakening " had reached my small hands.
In the bursting forth of that aspiration, a major life decision seems to have precipitated. It pressed for immediate expression. And, when I did so, by writing back to my Master, declaring to Him that, I will give Him my all, to be with Him and to write about Him ; it evoked a further response from Him, that was even more perplexing to me. He was then writing from that deep intoxication that came to Him, as a result of drinking deeply from the springs of Krishnamurti? s teachings. In His reply He went on to say : "We are not asking you to plan ; for planning is death, we are only asking you to see".
That was like directing a gushing water column right on to that flaming fire, after kindling the same in the hearth of my heart! Those uncompromising harsh words were like copious columns of water which, entering the burning hearth of my heart, drove every leaping tongue of flame, back into the silence of that lifeless void. That fire was of course to be kindled by my Master, many a time again. It was the fire of life, actively leaping forward and expressing itself.
When I said, the task on hand, called for considerable devotion and daring, especially to embark on a voyage of such distances and such immensity, I really had in mind the awesome epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Each of them runs on for some thousands of pages and while they dealt at such length with the affairs of kingdoms ; involving literally hundreds of characters ; in essence, did they not revolve around the self-same theme of the Dharma samsthapana of the two great Avatars ; Lord Rama and Lord Krishna respectively ?
I saw the challenge of the present biography, against the backdrop of these two monumental epic creations. My question simply was this - How am I now in the circumstances in which I am placed to build up a vast edifice of epic proportions ; that would not only befit the stature of the present Sampurna Avatar ; but would also be a further evolutionary development of the classical Hindu thought of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata ? .. OR was I going wrong somewhere, in my very conception of the challenge itself, now in front of me? As I was pondering over the practical impossibility of this achievement of measuring up to the standards of these two great Hindu classical epics; as if to take away the entirety of my burden and smoothen out my path ; it was revealed to me almost immediately that what was needed, for the present moment, was only the nascent biographic narrative in its embryonic form and nothing more. In due course, - once it is set in motion in human consciousness, it would grow like any other living organism, finally reaching that staggering stature of the great Hindu epics. I was therefore not to be unduly concerned either with the question of the completeness of the present work, or even with its sheer beauty or power. These glories would be added to the work, in the course of its further accretion. Thus with this anxiety taken away from me, I shall now enjoy that much needed freedom to give free expression to the recollections, as they dwell up from the experiences and memories of many bygone years.
I may not be able to weave the story of my Master's life, in a very connected or cogent fashion; for such a study would demand far greater application than what the present circumstances actually permit. If in your eyes, I jerkily dart forward or abruptly break-off ; or repeat a certain point all over again ; or even I present occurrences in an order that is chronologically improper, it is not only because, I haven't had the time to do more rearranging and polishing ; but for quite a different reason as well. Almost every event in my Master's life may be connected with every other event. So you never really know, at which point, I really feel like taking an instinctive wild leap, (like that great devotee of Lord Rama) in an altogether unexpected direction-only so as to be able to bring you some fruit of interest, just from that particular branch!... The only assurance that I can right away give you is with regard to the honesty of narration and the accuracy of facts placed before you. A certain other point may also be mentioned now, concerning my relationship with my Master. In the beginning, I did not realise who my Master really was! All I can say is, He was leading and I was following. He was lifting up my heavy eyelids and when asked to look in a particular direction, I did strive to see and I may indeed say that on everyone of those "guided sight-seeing tours", I saw a good deal and I rejoiced a great deal but more of this story of seeing, later on. As I did not realise who my Master was, I preferred to call Him by the first part of His given name, and He seemed quite comfortable with it for such things did not matter to Him, in the least. To minimise the indignity in addressing Him thus, I have resorted to a fairly respectful abbreviation : V and shall adhere to this, till I come to a certain point in my life, when I actually stumble upon the discovery as to who He really was, namely the Lord. As none of you have had to go through such a laborious discovery, it may not always be possible for you to appreciate my very special viewpoint. Moreover, this way of describing Him, actually tallies very well with how His own life unfolded in stages: from illusion to reality; from darkness to light, from unawareness to perfect full-blown recognition of who He actually was.
Thus, for many reasons, I must ask you to be patient and take this most fascinating journey with me into, what may legitimately be considered to be one of the greatest human lives. I have no inclination to paint Him, right away as the God of the growing numbers of the millions of His devotees. Rather, it will be my endeavour to reveal to you his very sensitive human nature, side by side with His divinity - His foibles, His eccentricities; His struggles - which at one point completely solved the riddle of His existence - as to who He really was. As this is the route by which He actually travelled, before He came to the full climax of His self-discovery, I too shall only take you on that very same road. A road that was not always pleasant ; but often, thorny, hard and sometimes steeply meandering into the lonely, distant hills.... That road leads eventually to the reality of Bhagavan within each human heart. Therefore, that ought to be also the destination of our own journey.
The picture of the life and work of The Sampurna Avatar, Sriman Sri Kalki Bhagavan, that you find here, may not be complete at all, in any sense of that term-and this, for more than one reason. In the first instance, no biographer can ever dream of entering empathetically so profoundly and so pervasively into the entirety of the life of his chosen hero -or Godly figure ; that he would be able to retrieve and reveal, every warp and every woof of the fabric of his hero's life. Such an exhaustive exploration would, in any case also be humanly impossible. But let alone the impossibility, even the sheer intellectual demands, such a biography would make on the mind of the reader, would be so heavy, as to take away every bit of that reader's delight and enjoyment, which must be, a definitive hallmark of any biography, worth its name.
There is now a second reason, as contributory as the first ; that is equally responsible for the lack of any completeness in the present biographical narrative. It comes simply from the very nature of the object of study-the somewhat inaccessible and mysteriously divine personality of the Lord Himself. In spite of His earthly existence upon the planet for a good two score and six years, He has remained through all the trials and tribulations and the great benedictions and the vicissitudes of the voyage of His life, a stranger - even to such of those, who in the eyes of the world, may be considered to be the most intimately bound up with Him, in His present earthly life. While undoubtedly He had that extraordinary ability to be empathetic to His fellow beings, beyond all conceivable limits; yet somewhere, He stood apart and was a stranger, who did not belong to this world. He would crack jokes with you this minute and a few minutes later, He would have sped away into the depths of yonder space in reverse gear, as it were; so that Himself as well as others ; all looked now wholly different ; in another light, in the eyes of the stranger, that He has been - for at least a good half of His entire life.
It is these rapidly alternating rhythms of intense empathy on the one hand and extreme detachment on the other that so to speak made it impossible for anyone-even the ones closest to Him-to approach Him within, let us say "embracing distance" , and remain there, a while longer; savouring the intimacy of that divine proximity. No sooner you do this ; than would He recede into the endless depths of that vairagya, where you cannot possibly follow Him and catch up with Him. It is this dual existence of His, that is going to make His biography a mystery of an altogether new dimension. You cannot by any stretch of imagination call Him aloof, for He was not that at all; nor can you ascribe to Him any motives of wanting to deliberately draw a line between yourself and Himself, to the effect " thus far and as further ". No, I do not think, this is what He was, for His concern for the other often went to such lengths that either He was simply exploited for His goodness, or He even-in trusting everyone who came to Him-made a fool of Himself. For Him rules and conventions, did not matter. It was man, who mattered. It was you who mattered and to ensure your growth and fulfilment, He would often turn His own philosophies upside down, so that by so doing you might feel more at ease or get some much needed relief.
A rather comical, yet tragic event from school days comes to mind. There was a boy from a lower middle class family, who often confided in Him and bemoaned his miserable family circumstances. Not knowing how to console Him, V being as always highly imaginative, invented a story of therapeutic value. He told His sorrowing companion, how poor His own family was and what dire straits, they were themselves in and went on to paint His home as nothing more than a thatched cottage of sorts. The therapy succeeded and the companion, taking solace in the proportionate misery of his friend, was consoled ! But this was not to last too long. The boy, who was later to flower into the Sampurna Avatar Sri. Sriman. Kalki Bhagavan ; was just acquiring His feel of the nature of the human mind and His therapy was to have disastrous after effects! As I said, the poor companion, yielded to his curiosity and wanted, perhaps to derive even greater solace by being able to physically see and thereby verify for himself, the proportionate misery, that was the lot of his dear-class-fellow. So promptly, without giving the least intimation, landed up at V?s home in Perambur, Madras and was now inconsolably shocked. He now considered V a terrible liar, and remonstrating further, said he would not like to have anything to do with Him in the future. For His part V, did His best, to reassure Him, on the grounds that He was only trying to share his predicament and thereby bring to him some relief ; for He could not see any better way to take away his pain. But I believe, no further sense could prevail on the poor Companion and he continued to harbour a grudge against V, for having been a liar ! For V, this must have been one of His early lessons on human nature. From this and many kindred events, He was soon to learn, with tears in His eyes that mankind, lived a life quite different from His own. Trust had practically disappeared in every relationship between man and man.
For some years, He had great hopes in the Gandhian vision of our ancient Hindu village civilisation being saved and thought better of our villages than our grotesque cities. This leaning towards the calmer village way of life, probably came to Him naturally, for reasons of His birth and early years of upbringing. It was on the 7th of March 1949, that V was born, amidst fairly fortunate family circumstances in a village, called NATHAM in the outskirts of the town Gudiyatham to Sri.Varadarajulu and Smt.Vaidharbi, as their first child. His parents quickly were obliged to move to Perambur in Madras, for V's father had already entered into Government service. I had occasions to come into close contact with both His parents, after my monthly visits to His Perambur house, beginning with 1967. At first the visit were once in a few months, but gradually as I plunged more headlong into my higher studies and as V too had to take up employment with various companies; the frequency considerably diminished ; finally being reduced to nothing more than annual or bi-annual visits.
Returning now to the line of thought on hand, even the early years of upbringing were only in NATHAM, at the home of His maternal grandparents, that is, in completely rural settings. In these very early years, as it was impossible for His own mother to bring him up; it was the lot of His mother's younger sister, aunt Sukumari, to take on the role of the nurturing and fostering mother. V was very fond of both His grandparents and had that blessing of being a loving grandson, even after He had fully grown into an adult. However, His grandmother; whom he loved passionately, was destined to pass off, even before V was 6 or 7 and this loss was to have far-reaching consequences, in so far as His philosophical development ,was concerned. It was a loss, first of all, which the little boy, did not accept and He was now not going to stop, till it all became clear to Him, as to why and how His dear granny was snatched away from His life. He has Himself, reminiscencing on the anger of the aggrieved boy, narrated how for sometime, He slept with a kitchen-knife, under His pillow every night-for He did not want to miss even the least chance of putting an end to that macabre being who had taken away His granny- whoever that macabre being might be ! This fundamental question-as to why His granny passed away, was to completely envelop Him now. It was to lead Him, like a long dark tunnel, away into that heaven of freedom and light that lay beyond. He struggled with that question, He wept with that question, He went almost mad with that question. This question-His obsession and preoccupation with it was to lead by degrees from agony, despair, confusion and even insanity to ecstasy, hope, clarity and enlightenment. Granny's death in a sense was that kaon-that Mahavakya that life had placed in His heart and asked Him to wrestle with the riddle, till He solved it completely ! This one question might have led to so many other questions, but still it was this one question, that was the starting point of the journey of His discovery. It was in a sense, an invitation given to Him by life to step out of the morass of samsara and leap into the luminous heights of perfect Self-realisation. That invitation finally led to the unveiling of the Godly Avatarship, His inborn natural endowment.
Soon V had two younger brothers and one younger sister and the family settled in Perambur in that abode which today goes by the name of Sri.Sri Kalki Illam; with V along with His brothers and sister going to school there. V was put in a Christian convent school, (during the primary classes) in Perambur itself. What His inner and outer life was, these few years, is not known very well, though He must have been a very perceptive and sensitive child; given to prolonged contemplation and imagination. He does not seem to have had any interest in games and sports of any kind-a trait that has continued right into His high school and college days. Unlike, other children, He was quite content to watch and to wonder. One of His characteristics which is visible even to this day is His continued wonderment at every kind of thing. Everything seems to hold some fascination for Him. In a sense, though He is not known to have played a single game, He was always profoundly engrossed in the game of His inward thinking. Taking different and opposing sides; He would be all the players of a team all at once! Though a complete stranger to the actual physical game of cricket, He was a theoretician par excellence where the history of the game was concerned. A one, even fairly acquainted with test-cricket would be quite amazed at the knowledge of the history of cricket, He had at His command. In allergy to the actual physical game of cricket, spite of His mastery of knowledge of the game and its history; He comes inches within the other rather famous theoretician from the world of physics Wolfgang Pauli, it is stated, never set foot in physics laboratory, yet was an adept at theoritical physics. He wrote a classic on Einstein's general theory of Relativity at the incredible age of 19 Mention here of Einstein's general theory Relativity, may not be considered to be irrelevant for Einstein was much talked about by V in the school days.
He was fascinated by Einstein's revolution concept of space-time reality and was even knowing that Einstein used to chant the Gayatri Mantra. My own mystic fascination for the Gaytari Mantra, was in fact kindled only by V talking to at quite some length, both in the Hindu context also in the context of Einstein's interest in same. In retrospect, V, knowing so much about many matters and in such depth was completely out of proportion to His stature as a school boy. I was baffled by His knowledge, then in those years; and readily submitted to be led and guided by Him. Not some 25 years later, was I destined to understand the mysterious source of that vast knowledge that school boy. For 25 years, the wonderment continued, without any further clarity. One of it?s chief functions, seems to have been my very strong reverential bonding to Him ; over the roll decades. Not that the mystery is fully unfolded after three decades of waiting... Now He has said so as to seal this mystery for ever-that a mystic one who is perpetually mystified by all existence His own included. In the light of this Monumental realisation, given by Him, the adventure has shifted from one of unravelling the mystery, to one experiencing it fully and thereby entering right into the heart of His mysterious Kingdom.
V was admitted into the Don Bausch Matriculate School at Egmore, from class VI onwards, by parents. By the time, He came into standard VIII He was managing to come to school, on a bicycle all the way, from Perambur and back. Actually, it is around this stage that He "manifested" to me drew me into a mysterious bond of friendship which still continues to be a living mystery. His countenance of that time, I can probably never forget in all my life for the reason of the profound impact it made upon me in those formative years. Strangely all I have to do is a mere recapitulation and my mysteriously Godly V will manifest to my mind?s eye with unbelievable clarity. That godly countenance still shines so resplendently, as though these thirty odd years never elapsed. This vision has been The Lord's special benediction, vouchsafed to me and to no one else.
On many an afternoon, we had our lunch together under some shady tree or bush. We always talked, from the very first day of our meeting of the great future, of the mighty Hindu civilisation and of the power of inventions, for V was very much taken up with inventions. In His then prevailing view, India had to leap forward in science and technology, if at all, she longed for a place for herself, among the comity of nations. Every day He would tell me of some new invention, that would revolutionise man?s way of living. For sometime, in this way He spoke of sending rockets to the Moon and of controlling them through electromagnetic signals. He described the mechanism, as though He was only putting a simple screw-driver upon a screw. He spoke with a confidence of a scientist, or even better, with the confidence of a brilliant space scientist now working at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The rockets and inventions business did not draw my attention as much as the revolutionary concepts of space-time, matter-energy of Einstein. For the first time, as a boy in the IX standard of high school, a passion was kindled in me, a goal implanted in me to pursue the way nature works in the physical universe,. Many years later, after I fully exhausted the stored up power of this particular samskara, acknowledging with deep gratitude the inspiration and the way thrown open to me-both into the world as well as out of the world of physics, I dedicated the doctorate thesis that I wrote in 1979, to my Master V, to whom I was bound up through a mysterious reverential relationship.
V discoursed with great eloquence and authority on three different topics. The spiritual wealth of the Hindu civilisation, especially as delineated in the Upanishads; the fascinating world of scientific principles; the promising world of creative inventions. He seemed to need all the three. He was building up a mighty and vast vision of the Hindu India to come. He could see all the three streams, the spiritual -religious stream, and the streams of modern science and modern inventive technology, undergoing a profound confluence and leading to an entirely different India, than what one saw on our streets then. He was desperately working for something, a philosopher's stone, a universal panacea, that would at once lead India , according to the prayers of our forefathers " from illusion to reality; from darkness to immortality." There was fury behind that desperate search. When all pupils in the class were concerned in a lesser or a bigger way with their ambitions in studies, their grades; their unfulfilled pleasures and dreams He had an altogether different distraction ! He was concerned with the fate of mother India , He wanted to die for her, to resurrect the dead spirit of her immense spirituality of times past. His friends were the Upanishadic Rishis, Rama , Krishna Paramatma, Adi Sankara and Gandhi. He lived every second only with them in his innermost world. He spoke to them, He promised them a thousand times He would fulfil their visions and their dreams. Outwardly He learnt how to control the tears from His all too soft a heart, but inwardly He must have wept a thousand times, looking at the human condition and the sad plight of our motherland. In one of this "letters of awakening", which He wrote from Coimbatore, the ending bears abundant testimony to His boundless compassion. "As I write this, the world comes up before me and I am filled with anxious tears." His anxiety or despair was whether man could be saved at all from his own madness.
His passion to save India became a ceaseless burning fury and the fury became a madness. In the years to come, He was to plunge into even greater depths of enquiry as to how He could achieve His vision. A hundred solutions He threw up, a hundred He rejected, till He arrived at the well-spring of life which was to be His very own self.
In His spiritual, patriotic and philosophic daring, He was fast crossing the boundaries separating the possible and the impossible, the sane and the insane; the sacred and the profane. On more than one occasion, He fainted due to excessive furious thinking, and the ensuing physical and mental exhaustion..... One of the earliest solutions He came up with, while still only a high school boy, was that of the perpetual motion machine! Anyone familiar with the laws of thermodynamics, that one encounters in science and engineering, would know at once that the very first law of thermodynamics rules out the possibility of the existence of the perpetual motion machine. The reason in that due to frictional losses; no machine can have an efficiency of unity. But V, the Sampurna Avatar in the making; who would later be able to make and break "reality" through the mystery of His Divine Grace; was still innocent of these laws; so He held on firmly to that one idea - for He saw in it: salvation for the whole world - that was what mattered for Him - not so much whether some funny law permitted it or not! Such was His furious obstinacy. The question of the perpetual motion machine, brewing and simmering in His heart, soon spilt into conversation and I ventured to discuss it with another class-mate, who had an elder brother studying in the Madras Medical College. Ramanujam, after ascertaining from his elder brother, who was to all appearances a more-reliable authority on this question; gave a firm "no". The perpetual motion machine would never be possible - we were told, because it went completely against the principle of the conservation of energy. But I could agree neither with Ramanujam nor with his more erudite elder brother; for I was compelled, by an inner urge to vote for V!. I said, there could be some laws, which man does not know as of now, they might only be discovered in the future. On these grounds, while V boldly proposed the perpetual motion machine, as the panacea for all human ills, I accepted it, without the least regard for well-established scientific knowledge! For this act of mine, that I followed the Lord; rather than the dictates and possibilities implied by a science, that is man - made; the Lord seems to have enlisted me in a very big way; after "the perpetual motion machine" actually came into existence! In 1991, it was clear to me that the Lord's Form in the heart; His Avirbhava, - it was this that he would be Sampurna Avatar had described as the perpetual motion machine - for this alone could be an answer to all of man's problems. What then was that machine? It was simply the consciousness of God Himself, His Cosmic mind. Nothing was impossible for His Cosmic Mind. He could take over a dry desolate earth and convert in into a wonderful paradise. This was the real vision behind V's conception of the perpetual motion machine, in those early days.
While still at school, V introduced me to philosophy. Giving me a copy of Lin - Yu - Tang?s "Wisdom of India and China", after introducing me to India?s Spiritual and Religious Heritage; He asked me to absorb its contents! I tried my best; but I think the real reason why progress then was difficult for me - was only my inadequate intellectual development. The mind had not matured and become enriched enough to absorb all that philosophy. But I must say, I struggled to-the extent possible for me then. In those days V was more influenced by upanishadic thought and He battled with eternal and fundamental questions. The question of the why of His grandmother's death, had by now begotten a further chain of questions. Now it was : "How did this universe come into existence? Did it have an external cause?". His mood and ?the atmosphere in His heart? is the same - more or less - as what figures in the Nasadiya Sukta. He loved these contemplation?s, so immensely that He breakfasted with them, conversed with them, dined with them, dreamt about them, slept with them. His being became inseparable from the essence behind those descriptions. He was rapidly approaching that union from which it was going to prove very difficult for Him to separate Himself from all that which really is. Locked in that inseparability from the "THAT" of the Upanishads, He was to declare for a while, the non-existence of a God; external to His SELF. He had this philosophic perception for some years. But eventually it was to give way to a vaster and wider benediction. ?The atmosphere in His heart,? so typical of His even present condition - in which mutually contradictory perceptions, peacefully coexist, is given by the mood of the Nasadiya Sukta:
"Neither non-existent was it nor existent was it, at that time : there was neither atmosphere, nor the heavens which are beyond. What existed? Where? In whose care? What was it? An abyss unfathomable?"
"Neither mortal was there, nor immortal then; not of night, of day, was there distinction: THAT alone breathed windless through inherent power. Other than THAT indeed, there was naught else."
"Darkness it was, by darkness hidden in the beginning : an undistinguished sea was all this. The germ of all things which was enveloped in void THAT alone through the power of brooding thought was born."
"Upon that in the beginning arose desire, which was the first off-shoot of that thought. This desire sages found out (to be) the link between the existent and the non-existent, after searching with the wisdom in their heart."
"Who, after all knows? Who here will declare arose whence this world? Subsequent are the gods to the creation of this world. Who then knows, when it came into being?"
"This world-where it came into being, whether was made or whether not - He the overseer in highest heavens surely knows-or perhaps He knows not!"
Between His 16th and more or less His 21st year, He was waging a relentless battle, simultaneously on two fronts. Becoming antarmukha, He was furiously searching for the meaning of Ultimate Reality and was after that Original Supreme Source, so awesomely portrayed in those 2 lines of the Nasadiya Sukta:
"Neither mortal, was there, nor immortal then; not of night, of day, was there distinction. THAT alone breathed windless through inherent power. Other than THAT indeed, there was naught else". His absorption went to such lengths, that on one-or, if I remember right-on several occasions, He swooned, in the throes of His contemplative enquiry. It was possible for Him to burn up all the energy from His food in sheer contemplative enquiry alone. Indeed, where penetrative and sustained thinking was concerned He had a magnificent masterly endowment of the rarest kind. This swooning had caused such anxiety to His parents, that, suspecting it had something to do with His deep philosophical quests; they took a promise from Him to the effect that He would hence forth say goodbye to all philosophy and now pay all the more attention to His much neglected studies. V gladly gave that promise, because He could never stand causing any kind of hurt to anybody and naturally least of all to His parents. But though He gave that promise in a well-meaning way, it was not going to be possible for Him at all, to keep up His word; for He had already gone too far afield. He had crossed all limits and even the point of no return. His wonderfully gentle parents who have appeared to my own eyes to be almost perfect embodiments of dharma, during the whole course o the last thirty years or so during which period, I had come to know them ; seemed at least temporarily satisfied with that assurance they got from their eldest son. How much more anxious they must have become, had they only, known the exact nature of the swooning? It wasn't always a question of reeling under that exhaustion, which came from excessive thinking. He had also gone off on some occasions into samadhi. His parents had occasion to be a witness to all this. Only, V very intelligently completely refrained from revealing the nature of His inner Journey-for He did not want to take away even that little bit of peace that was still left with them. These facts were revealed to me almost within days or weeks of their actual occurrences by V Himself as far back as 1966.
In the bahirmukha direction, on the other hand, He was waging, quite a different kind of battle. I had made a mention of V being obsessed with three streams of thought. Firstly the religious, in the true sense of that term, meaning an inner awakening; secondly a national awakening to the beneficial effects of modem technology. And thirdly, another kind of awakening to philosophical and scientific principles, describing nature's working at all levels. Now, I think, these three streams are still incomplete and I must add that V had another equally magnificent obsession and that was with the structure of the country's government, it's political ideology and the means to bring about a new awakening, even on the socio-economic and political plane. It was in this connection, that He so much adored Gandhi and was very much taken up by the later? s emphasis on the development of our rural agro economy, vis--vis modern western industrial development. He travelled passionately with these different streams of thought, even plunging sometimes into projects on rural development. In 1982, the secret desire to see what would come out of rural development, when inter-woven with appropriate science and technology had still not let go of Him. There was a rather pressing occasion, when He had to produce a manifesto on rural development, almost at a day's notice and the manuscript that emerged from His hands, had the stamp of that effulgent Supreme Intelligence, once again. Just a simple excerpt is given to you, here, so as only to convey to you, the flavour of the magnificent power of His written word.
"Rural development is a 'must' not only to remove rural poverty (more than 80% of the country's population is still living in villages) but also to lay at rest the all-consuming demon of exponential growth let loose by the conventional model of economic management. It should ultimately lead to the emergence of a new form of human society that is more enduring and in which man?s role vis--vis nature's shifts from one of parasitism to symbiosis, exploitation to nurture, dissipation to conservation. India is perhaps much better placed than the other countries of the world to make this break-through on the rural front. Our national ethos, combined with the vision of men like Gandhi and Vivekananda sets us apart among the comity of nations for this role". These were his perceptions in 1982.
But now in 1995, in September, when the lord has just brought into existence His new sanyasa orders ( for men and women seperately), with a view to inundate the lenght and breath of the country with his monks; so that, they numbering in all, a good, 10,000 and covering a population of one lakh each, would be able to bring His Divine Grace to every nook and corner of this country,- in this, you can see the coming to fruition of an emperor's perception that had manifested in embryonic form, as far back as 1982, or even much earlier than that but in the rather different context of rural development. Behold how He expresses His emperor's perception, as a means to eradicate the rotten system of exploitation now prevalent. " In order to focus attention on the villages there need to be spokesmen for the villages, spokesmen who are knowledgeable, discerning and authentic. The reason : politics has totally corrupted and divided the villages into factions. Spokesmen could therefore act as liaisons between the villagers themselves. At times, there are well-meaning and committed bankers and officers who have no entry into the village communities. Spokesmen could therefore act as contact points and liaisons between the government and financial institutions and the villagers.
"We aim at demonstrating the applicability of science, technology and market management methods for rural-uplivement. In this process, we hope to evolve a blue-print for universal application in rural India. Our aim further is to bring together all the national, regional and state-level agencies, directly or indirectly in national resource development and work in an integrated manner. To implement the concept of the intelligent spokesman, the Ashram wishes to create a chain of Ashram community centres in urban areas"
You can see how V's conception of "the intelligent spokesman," gradually matured into the "one Sanyasa Kalki Dasa" for each taluk, in 1995. To reach the most godly aspect of V's personality, we must regress into His early boyhood days, especially between His eighth and sixteenth year at school. As I had mentioned, even as a child or as a school boy, V was exceptionally sensitive and intelligent, far exceeding the farthest limits, that may be ascribed to a child-prodigy. The question may arise in this context, why then did not His teachers and tutors at school, discern this prodigy's presence in their midst ? Why did not His own class-mates also stumble upon the same self discovery ?... While these are certainly legitimate questions, my providing you with the answers right away does not seem to me to be in the best of your interest. Rather, the best that can happen to you is your own personal discovery of these answers-from whatever I have said so far and will go on to say in the future. All this ought to be enough material for you to plough through and arrive at your own solutions.
The only other incident, that comes to mind, regarding the discovery of V by the world, goes back to school days again. There was one, rather very sensitive and exceptionally intelligent boy at school, who cycled to school along with V. K, whom V considered to be a very systematic thinker, was tremendously appreciative of V's very unusual philosophical principles and perceptions. K was often on his guard, when V put some difficult question to him!... But V did not reveal His golden heart to him. The 2 school boys (K and V) were like two philosophers in the making. Once V, as if to reveal the depth of K's philosophic enquiry, had asked him, whether in the later? s world-view, God had any place? K, having already suffered many a check-mate in his philosophical dialogues with V ; coming quickly to his self-defence, this time; declared that he wasn't really prepared to reveal what he thought on the subject ! He wasn't sure, if the answer he would give; would not lead to yet another deadlock. Looking at some of V's radically original solutions, K had said on one occasion that even after years of enquiry, it would have been impossible for him to come upon such a radically original solution.... Thank the Lord ; There was at least one another boy, who could recognise at least the prodigious intellect of V, in those days ; if not His godly nature. There were certainly two other personality traits of my Master V, quite evident, even in those school days. He was always happy and smiling and seemed not to have a single care in the world. At the same time, He was also so very simple, completely guileless. Knowing His boundless compassion, I often had to wonder, why at all, it was so necessary for Him to wear that mask of being unconcerned with the sufferings of others ~ when in His heart of hearts, there was such abundance of empathy ? Many years later, even when I had questioned Him on this, I do not remember His giving me a satisfactory reply...
At school, V had that Saintly gift of self-effacing humility. It manifested as His being reserved in speech and as His strangership, about which I have already spoken to you, at the very beginning. Throughout His school and college career, He managed to throw a white garment of silence upon the deepest stirrings in His Heart- he showed them to none, neither to His parents, nor even to His two brothers and only sister. There was just one being to whom, unveiling the effulgent white garment; He displayed the full indescribable glory and beauty of His golden heart. As I bring up before all humanity this truth, at just this moment, when I unveil the unspeakably glorious life and work of my Master, in just the same way He did to me many years ago; I feel deeply grateful to Him, for having revealed His golden heart, much before anyone else could get even the slightest glimpse of that same tenderness and godly effulgence.
Only when the phenomenon of the Sampurna Avatar burst into human consciousness did my Master bring certain other very momentous occurrences from His childhood to my notice. Between His 8th and 16th year, He had that overpowering inner urge to visit our Temples. But drawing into the extreme proximity of the Mula vigraha, another entirely different thought, which, till that moment did not make its presence felt, would raise its head; thereby breeding for that helpless boy, a conflict from which, He found it quite difficult, if not impossible to extricate Himself. The first thought, which dragged Him to Temples, was one of helpless fascination for God. The second which arose, a little later, went something like this ; " I don't feel like circumvulating, why should I, in fact? I feel that I am that very Being in the Mula vigraha!" This second overpowering godly vasana having delivered up its honest message, was invariably challenged by the first which now spoke out, in the mood of regret and self chastisement "How arrogant am I ? Is this feeling right?" And the young V would, we may well surmise, yield to the further endless onslaughts of that conflict. This dilemma was to last, until the Sampurna Avatar phenomenon burst upon human consciousness first in July 1989 and then more pronouncedly 6 months later. That was the time it was resolved once and for all and my Master knew then, that He could after all forgive Himself for having been so rebellious and so competitive with the gods in the Temples! Yes, the enigma of His own godly vasana was completely revealed to Him and a new peace pervaded His heart; now more vibrant and at the same time more tranquil than ever before. These momentous occurrences throw some amount of light on the still mysterious phenomenon of God's consciousness "descending" to the earth plane, through that auspicious human life that we have been referring to as V, up to this point.
Just as the strong feeling that, 'He was Himself God,' kept coming to Him, and reminding Him, as it were of His real destined mission and identity and thereby-at least now in retrospect-is seen to be a very definitive sign of His Avatarship; there seems to have been yet another tell-tale sign; but of an even subtler kind. This one concerned the exceptionally prodigious intellectual abilities of V, even as a mere school boy.
The first of the series of conversations I had with him at school, mostly during lunch breaks; and which may be described as profoundly otherworldly, was strangely, V's disclosure of His remarkable abilities. It was he; who probably for the first and last time in His life, getting into one of His very rare outgoing moods ; drew me into as even increasing closer bond with every successive conversation. The very first conversation was about Himself. The monumental blessings of those great conversations, I wasn't to realise until many years later; though that inexplicable and deeply sincere attraction and reverence for V has always remained burning, right through all these 33 years, that I had known Him. I say 'monumental blessings', for here was the perfect embodiment of unselfishness - let alone of godliness - going on to discourse on His abilities; on the kind of human consciousness and intelligence He had at His command. He said, whenever any question, was put to him, at once " the main powerful engine would get switched on" and the processing would go on at such a furious pace that the final product of that processing would simply be thrown up to the surface mind ; not only in all cases, much sooner than expected; but in many instances almost instantaneously, all at once". When He had revealed to me His inner self, unveiling and drawing asunder that white garment; I beheld this Supreme Intelligence and It held irresistible fascination for me. I may indeed say that, if V had not spoken about Himself, as He actually was and had not asked me to take a good look at His innerself ; then probably I would never have been reverentially bonded to Him the way I have been right through His life. Yes, it is true that on the one hand He was a person of extreme sensitivity and compassion. But in all modesty, I must confess that those divine glories would not have been sufficient to hold me back, from let us say the snares of the world. It was His gift of Supreme Intelligence that held me back, that anchored me, and that enslaved me to the Lord. Even today, while talking about the Sampurna Avatar, Sriman Kalki Bhagavan, to the public, I make it a point to emphasise that while Christ was an embodiment of Love; Rama, an embodiment of Dharma; Gandhi an embodiment of Sathyagraha ; Kalki is the embodiment of that Supreme Intelligence. I mean to say that, while all other divine glories also shine forth from the Sampuma Avatar, like the various colours of the spectrum this one particular divine glory alone, far exceeds in abundance, all other divine Swabhava Lakshanas (intrinsic characteristics) of the Lord, in His present coming. So when I hear it declared in the Mahavakyas today
" Ahamasmi ... parama medha..."
" I am the Supreme Intelligence..."
I see in a flash, how this Supreme Intelligence has been at work all these 33 years. How by degrees He has brought down the Divine Grace, how He takes every additional step and in special directions, so that Dharmasamsthapana may be achieved, in a world that very badly is in need of it.
This Supreme Intelligence then, is most definitively another tell-tale sign of the descent (Avatarship) of Kalki and it was much in evidence in all those fantastic inventions and above all in that very conception of the perpetual motion machine. This seems to me to be the right time, also to bring up before you, another couple of golden prophetic sentences, that V had confidentially spoken to me, during one of those lunch breaks, in those school days. Once He said, adjusting some irritation in His throat : "It is said a man will emerge from South India, who will change the fate of India and the world. Let us see who that man is going to be" . The mood and tone behind those words was such that, no sooner had He spoken out those words, I at once knew that He considered Himself to be that person and that He indeed was that very person. V's look, His bearing - everything gave Him away. He spoke and I believed and accepted it as the truth. Going home that evening and ruminating a bit further on the self-same theme; in an erratic way, while reading abound my history notes on the II Sikh war and the Khalsa army, I took an inexplicable pause; went upto the window so that I could talk to my mother, who was on the other side & said emphatically something that took its birth directly from the seed of conviction, planted by V in my heart, just that afternoon. I told my mother " V and I, we are going to invent something very great in science. This will be our life's work". Once these words rolled out, once the fire from the hearth was allowed momentarily to leap forward, again I went back to the Khalsa army and the IInd Sikh war.
Looking back from this distance at my own words; I feel rather ashamed at having declared pompously a partnership of discovery; when there will be none in the world of Kalki's devotees who can honestly ascribe any bit of the share of the discovery to me. Not only that, the truth of the matter itself is that Kalki is everything ; with there being no room for any other mortal, in any corner of the arena of action, But one thing, I want you to know. If I had pompously made that statement to my mother, I would like to first of all, absolve myself of any possible guilt of ambition that may be taken to be implied in those words. Personal ambition, I had absolutely none in the colossal work envisioned by V. The only ambition, from which I suffered and from which I was to learn a great deal, was the ambition in my advanced studies in physics. But I will have to postpone talking about this - it will have to wait for a more opportune time. If I had any feeling that I had a share in the work; it is not my fault at all; for it was V, my Master, who most unmistakably implanted this feeling in my heart from the very first day of our meeting.
The net result on the whole was this. When V had finished speaking those two golden prophetic sentences about the world saviour from south India, that instant itself, my destiny seems to have been sealed. A major life decision had precipitated. For somewhere in my 35th year, after going through marriage and a decade of research studies ; an absolutely overpowering urge brought me back to the Lotus Feet of my Master V. When I thus returned to Him, I was still unaware of Him. I still did not know, who He really was. My greatest consolation only lay in the realisation that my unawareness may be forgiven; in the light of my Masters own unawareness as to who He really was and where He was travelling. For His own unawareness was also around till such time as the Sampurna Avatar Phenomenon took birth, in Jul 1989.
As I had committed myself, I shall always scrupulously adhere to the norms of authenticate and accuracy of narration; without deviation at an point into the bylanes; of exaggeration and distortion of facts. Actually there is no compelling necessity for me to wander into these bylanes for the entire world of my Master's devotees, knows without the slightest trace of doubt, that He is living perfect Incarnation of God. Moreover, in Dharma, my Master has brought forth, through His Divine Grace and for Lokakalyana; there being no place what so ever, for belief; but only for discovery; it would be an entirely futile an exceedingly foolish exercise on my part to convey to the lay readers who are yet to discover Kalki, godly image of my Master that has been put together through exaggeration and myth. Neither I nor the lakhs of devotees who have met their Lord in their hearts, would have the least interest in foisting suc h a belief on lay readers.
As I said, the only way to really come to know Him is through a discovery, made possible through His blessings. This discovery usually occurs during the Kalki Vara Yajnas, which are now being regularly held, in many different parts of the country in the various vernaculars of our countrymen.
Now, it will be a great pity if, what has been throbbing in my heart, so melodiously, over the last so many years, is not allowed at just this moment, to again make that one final peep and offer up as it were, what has been held in memory so long, for just this very purpose ! So I shall now reminisce once more about the Perambur days centred around Sri Sri Kalki Illam.
In all those conversations during school days, V was always the Supreme Teacher, and I was always the ignoramus, who was not even intensely receptive to all His messages and teachings. Even the goal to pursue scientific knowledge, was what He had implanted in the virgin soil of my heart. Before my Master, nothing, absolutely nothing had seized hold of my heart. Probably the only exception was my mother, who was very dear to me, for the reason that I had seen her suffer such a lot in her marital life, especially during my primary and middle school years. During school days, events went in such a way that neither did I have much time to go over to V's place nor did He have the time to come over to my place. I remember my first visit to V's home in Perambur : it has remained untarnished and a deeply memorable event, after some thirty years of its occurrence. The reason is undoubtedly that fountain of love that V kept pouring upon me, right through every moment of my stay, which had lasted some six or seven hours at a stretch. I think, this first visit was sometime in late 1965, or perhaps in 1966. Not only V, the premabisheka came equally from His mother, who was an even greater embodiment of love. It was one of those Hindu festival days, and they fed me so sumptuously on so many goodies, that I ended up eating, what I would have in normal circumstances, taken two days to eat! I don't think, In the thirty years that have elapsed since then, there has been another occasion in my life, when I was to feast on celestial hospitality like that. But to be more truthful, I must add that,
after my gerat master sent his divine Formful presence into countless human hearts, they too began to aquire that most delicious flavour of celestial hospitality,
for Indians have any how always been traditionally veyr well known for that wonderful gift. I was thus to be honoured with that magnificient celestial hospitality
at the homes of scores of wonderful devotees of the lord Kalki. But between the two blissful experiences, stood a lull of some 25 years or more.
At his home V made me feel like a king. I have enjoyed such liberties with the Lord, that I can go into an uproarious laughter in His presence, with sometimes also the Lord joining me and sharing that mood. Right now, the only emotion that comes up spontaneously, as I relive moments at His home, is laughter. This is so, because, as I said, I was such an empty-headed dreamer, and He the magnificent godly V and yet He was merciful enough to bestow upon me, the illusion that I was someone great. Here was the Lord, very matter of fact weaving the net of His Maya and catching me, even as a fisherman would catch a fish! This is why, laughter seems the only natural and appropriate response...
V's parents were so very warm, especially His mother, that they were not only friends to V, but even to me. When I was leaving their home that night, after spending about 7 hours, V's father said, something about his eldest son, that gives V away, as someone who knew more or less; thought not exactly; who He actually was. He said; "Kumar is a nice fellow all right, except that He thinks too much of himself "
At least part of His father's outspoken assessment must have come from his sensing V's strangership, which must have been so markedly different from the temperaments of the other children. On the whole, V probably spent something like 21 or at least 20 good years in that Perambur house. That was when, He, so to. speak, got ready for that monumental mission that lay ahead in the future. There, in the hall of the first floor, returning every day from school, and turning His back on games; He was to laboriously ponder over the issues of individual and national salvation. In that hall, one can still unmistakably feel His Divine Presence. I felt it the other day, when I had to go over to Kalki Illam to speak to a group of devotees from Vijayanagaram. Sitting in a corner of that hall; day after day, month after month, year after year; He was slowly but steadily and relentlessly getting ready His Mahayana vessel to launch into the wide waters of the world, for the benefit of all mankind. it was in that hall He waged His relentless battle on two fronts, at the same time. Inwardly he was getting to that elusive 'THAT' of the Upanishads, lowing realisation until He was to come to a mind-blowing realisation that He Himself was that " THAT ". It was after that mind-blowing realisation, all seeking was burnt up from the roots, thereby removing even the least possibility that it might begin all over again. Outwardly, He was working out the fate of India, what ideology and government would best suit her people, taking their ethos into account. Any perceptive observer, seeing the relentless contemplation of that remarkably endowed school boy either would have placed Him on par with the greatest Beings of our planet; or would have written Him off as a typical case in psychopathology. For V's life, wasn't what you expected from a school boy or even from a balanced college student. It was altogether and strangely different.
At school, I had not had the pleasure of seeing Him, answer a single question, in any class! Every subject was child's play for Him, and He had become quite an adept at writing exams, without the least bit of preparation. School subjects, He must not have considered to be His-for He always gave them that step-motherly treatment. He had already reached the highest masterly prolific in His own subjects of philosophy and individual and collective salvation! Though He had an amazingly wide variety of interests, He grew especially fond of mathematics and had the gift of coming up with very innovative solutions for geometrical riders, for example - solutions, which the other so called gifted boys would invariably miss out.
On one occasion, one of our high school mathematics teachers; who derived considerable pleasure in presenting to us hard problems, threw us a challenge, in the form of an unusually hard problem. It was a geometry rider. When the solutions were called for; that mathematics teacher who had his own notions as to which pupil was bright and which pupil mediocre, could hardly believe, when it was told to him that it was V who had solved it in just that way. I couldn't take the insult. So getting up immediately and drawing the attention of my mathematics teacher, I had to tell him : "Sir, for you truth will be stranger than fiction".
When V had come home for the first time, somewhere in 1965 or 1966, He felt so empathetic towards my mother and my mentally-retarded younger brother who was younger to me by a good fifteen years. My mother at once sensed that V, though ostensibly my friend and class-mate, was miles ahead in His Spiritual attainment and maturity. She right away handed over to Him Krishnamurti? s ?Commentaries on Living?, urging Him to go deeply into it. V coming in touch with this work, was to have far-reaching consequences. Later He told me that all He had to read was that very first chapter " Three pious egoists" and that was enough for him. In the beginning, He found the going strange and hard; but He was soon to come to a level of comprehension; from which commanding height, He could clearly see more-much beyond what the author himself intended or even aspired to see. Don't forget His Supreme Intelligence. Writing back from His home, after about a month, the first line went something like this : "you are indeed blessed to belong to that magnificent home in which you are born"... Commenting on the great teacher Krishnamurti, in one of His Letters of Awakening , He said : " Is it not a shame on the world that there isn't another like him? Should there not be ten like him, to burn the heaps Of rubbish and to dispel the darkness?" All in all; He was for some years to come to be profoundly influenced by Krishnamurti?s way; which He had not only thoroughly internalised; but also transcended in very many respects. He was very fond of my mother and had that strange spiritual affinity to her, as much as she had for him; that the two exchanged notes many a time, even while I was away in Bombay between 1971 and 1980.
Between 1966 and 1969, V, my Master and myself, met frequently either at my home in T.Nagar or at His home in Perambur. Between these years, I went to Loyola college, whereas He went to Vaishnava College. V took up mathematics, whereas I had taken up physics as my main subject. But, as I had already made it clear, V had practically crossed the point of no return long ago. It would be now quite impossible for Him to finish His graduation. The extempore method; that was so successful till now; had reached it's natural limit. With the fire of seeking and craving almost completely extinguished ; or at any rate, with the residual embers rapidly dying away, there was no more fuel to propel His mind forward. V brought great pain to His parents; for they were greatly concerned whether He would ever be able to stand on His own feet. However, His massive intellectual endowments and His passion for mathematics and science, came to His rescue and He graduated hereby bringing peace to His parents. One day, amidst these family circumstances, V wrote to me, bemoaning the needless sorrow that humans create and admonishing me against the postponement of seeing.
" My parents suffer, because they seek...
To postpone is just another trick of the mind for its security. To postpone is the height of hypocrisy. To postpone is to be denied of freedom for ever"
"The letters of Awakening" came in rapid succession, sometime in 1970, if I remember right. But, more of this, later.
My Master chose to marry, it seems to us, more to appease His parents; than out of any real inner urge. After waiting for a considerable time, V finally seemed to have become completely satisfied after seeing Padmavati Amma; who was destined to become His consort in this life. For her part; Amma Padmavati had undertaken many vows in her parental home and continued her very regular early morning prayers at their local Temple. She was praying for a very holy husband and if I remember right, sometime Amma desired the Lord Himself to be her husband. And indeed, her prayers were answered. I received the wedding invitation in Bombay and wrote back to V, asking him, whether Padmavathi, Amma, knew very well, whom she was marrying? For I knew all too well, that V was no ordinary mortal... Later He said the institution of marriage helped Him to cope better with all difficulties in life.
It has now become necessary for me to take the bye-pass road, thereby leaving out the years 1971-82; during which period, I probably came no more than 5 or 6 times in touch with him. V had lived with Amma Padmavati and son Krishna either at Perambur, or at Coimbatore. When Krishna still a small boy of 5 or 6; I just had to think & feel deeply about him & immediately tears would gather in my eyes! He was a lovely child and he so much reminded me of the heroic divine struggles of his great father. In each of these places; He was still working for a public sector undertaking. All these diverse kinds of worldly tasks; were preparing V for those glorious years of Avatarhood, that now lay ahead. It is impossible to think of this Avatarhood years, without the valuable contributions from the preceding years. Since it was His destiny to be more or less involved with the world, in the capacity of a philosopher - King; He needed a wide variety of experiences and educative lessons, all of which would prove so indispensable for the actual work of dharma samsthapana.
In the fall of 1982, as my stay in Germany was drawing to a close; I could no longer resist the inner call from my Master V. There was a ceaseless urge to return home, directly to V and the intuition Prevailed that though the exact nature of the work, was not still clearly visible in all its aspects; it was at least given to me as a conviction that everything would begin to unfold, as I start talking to V So on the third day or fourth day of my returning to Madras from Germany; I went straight away to V?s Perambur residence in order to let Him know that I had at last come. Unfortunately on that particular day, He was away at Kancheepuram.
As I had been myself somewhat blind, I must confess that at every stage of my life, in my relationship with V; my mother gave me that additional support and clarity; especially in bringing me and my Master, V closer together. I would be rather ungrateful, if I did not acknowledge this helpful guidance that I received from her..
By September 1983, we had set foot on that soil, that today has come to be known as Sathyaloka for that was where the phenomenon of the Sampurna Avatar broke out. In July 1984, the school Jeevashram had been thrown open to the public. Mr. Hari Khoday and Dr.N. Sivakamu were reliable sources of immense financial and moral support respectively. Many other well-wishers had helped us at a most critical time; when the gravest odds stared us in the face. Among the well-wishers, who got Jeevashram work off the ground, at that critical time; I mention with gratitude, the timely financial resources that Sri Kumara Bhagavaddasa and Sri. M.Lokanadham, pooled in, for the purposes of completion of ashram buildings. Their gesture of trust and keen interest in our work, was also very valuable to us, at that critical time. By mid 1987, V had decisively severed all His connections with the public sector undertaking and was there at Sathyaloka, all the time, as its Director. His only child, Krishna went to school there, and Padmavati Amma was also there to personally keep an eye on the new girls section, that was added that year. Life had placed Her in a very responsible mother?s position, which made considerable demands on Her time and energy.
All of V's labours were now completed; only the last and final event of the fruition of His labours was to manifest. His years of strenuous travel from Madras to Kancheepuram, had taken its toll on His, otherwise rather magnificently robust body. Yet, that Supreme Intelligence, His very soul; was throbbing as powerfully as ever before, as was evident to me from so many things, He had spoken at that time. Most importantly in V?s heart, that small ashram was envisioned to be the Foundation for World Awakening. This vision soon blossomed into reality.
When in July 1989, the Golden Ball of Divine Grace, entered the brahmarandra of one of the pupils of the school; God's Revelations began to pour and it was brought home to my Master, that long years ago, while still a school boy, He had chanted an esoteric auspicious mantra hundreds of thousands of times and that the fruit of that tapas, has now descended to earth. The first veil over the Divine nature of my Master, was thereby drawn asunder, revealing Him in His Divine Majesty. By September 1989, returning from His afternoon rest He came straight to my room and stood motionless. I was strangely influenced by His presence - I had not had such an experience before. He was to reveal to me, that day of days, one of the greatest Revelations He has ever communicated to me. He said "He came like an immense mighty wind and sweeping over the whole earth, entered right into the sanctum sanctorum of every kind of temple and Shrine in every part of the earth" He used to say quite often, some months before this benediction occurred to Him, that "man cannot possibly make it by himself. It will have to be given to him. That is the only hope". After the immense mighty wind experience, one of His deepest yearnings was also fulfilled. He said that very evening, that it was now well within His power to impregnate any idol in a temple, with His Divine Consciousness and that thereafter it would be available for the whole world, like an eternal well-spring of Divine Grace. The Hindus call this process Avahanam.
I find in my notebooks a very noteworthy entry on 29, September 1989; much before even the first Yajna was conducted at Sathyaloka - much before even the Somangalam work began with the Sri Murti of the Lord, taking the majestic place of the Mulavigraha of the Temple. So far as I have been able to search, this is the first time the Kalki Avatar was applied directly and boldly to my Master V, because of the Kalki kind of mystical experiences, His devotees began to spontaneously have. The Lord had succeeded in sending His Divine Form into numberless human hearts. His Divine Form came to be known as His "Awakened formful Antharyamin". His Antharyamin spoke volumes about the human and Divine aspects of Bhagavan's consciousness. His Antharyamin was the source of all Divine Grace.
The entry in my notebooks on 8, August 1989, unveils more of the Divinely mysterious personality of my Master V. This marvellous revelation came from "The Golden Ball of Divine Grace", through a particular pupil. "OUR SUPREME SOURCE (i.e. V) IS BEYOND THE 9TH CHAKRA - SAMPOORNA GNANA SIDDHI, (WHICH IS IN THE RIGHT EAR). HE IS ACTUALLY LIKE THE GODLY GOLDEN LIGHT MOVING BEFORE US AND SHOWING US THE WAY. IF WE SEE CLEARLY, EVERYTHING IN THIS WORK, WILL ONLY COME FROM HIS LIFE. The 9th Chakra - Sampooma Gnana Siddhi - represents the Divine Perfection of maturity in enlightenment."
My entry continues further
"V was saying that He has only now found out He is not actually human, but that He has come here and forgotten His existence in another world or worlds and that yesterday He felt He came roaring into planet earth's atmosphere from some other unknown reality - like a great wind........"
It was only in Somangalam, in the outskirts of Madras, that The Divine Grace of the Lord, began to flow, into the outside world. Sri Nirmala Bhagavad dasa, who came to Jeevasharam, at the appropriate time, took great pains to build up beautifully the small Somamgalam centre in a record time. He took on the full responsibility of secretary and was a very reliable support in many aspects of the work then. I am also naturally appreciative of his commendable support, in the same way, I value the very timely support of Sri Kumara Bhagavaddasa and Sri M.Lokanatham. It was here my Master, did Avahanam to HIS SRIRUPA. Thereafter His SriMurti was completely equal to His own physical presence. It was during those days when the Lord's work got off the ground, that all the other divine - emanations from the Lord - the original group of young disciples spontaneously emerged into the world, from the mainstream of the work. They had all completed their schooling at Jeevashram. These younger disciples, who were part of the Divine phenomenon began to play an immensely significant role in taking the work further ahead. There were six of them then. To them the Lord was not only their Lord-Amma and Bhagavan, were their divine nurturing parents. They came to be known for their utmost loyalty, exuberant energy, and lively intelligence. Today all of them have beautifully flowered into Acharyas, thanks to the extreme self-sacrifice of Amma and Bhagavan; to the detriment of their physical well being. They may legitimately be considered not only the Lord's direct disciples, but
also His own children. It is His life breath, that pulsates in every word they speak, every feeling they experience. Their present names are Sammadarshini, Anandagiri, Akshayamati, Vimalakirti, Maitareyi and Kaushika. As for me; it was in the second Yajna in Somangalam, I stumbled upon the monumental discovery that my master, was the greatest the earth has yet seen, that he was GOD HIMSELF and a perfect Sampuma avatar. When I reported this startling discovery to HIM; with a suitable suggestion that Bhagavan be his actual name; with a prefix; He preferred to drop the first part of the name and gladly accepted that godliness that the world has now at last recognised. From then on, I addressed Him as Bhagavan and the whole world did the same.
From this point onwards the Lord entered into a bahirmukha phase where He interacted freely with devotees. Again after about 1 1/2 years, He chose voluntarily to enter into an antarmukha phase. Since then He has remained in the antarmukha phase, keeping a considerable distance, on the physical plane, from the world of His devotees. On His own heavenly plane; He is of course their Supreme Friend, their beloved; their treasure of treasures... From here onwards, His story, can be told in all its Divine Glory, by His now numberless devotees; as to how He relates to them, from within their hearts.
I began this journey with my heart palpitating. As I had confessed, it was with trepidation, that I ventured to take the first few steps. They say it is always the first step that is the most difficult. It now appears to me that, setting sail in my small coastal boat; I have sped along, quite bravely and have thereby become quite acquainted with the onslaughts of the waves, that had completely, submerged me on occasions. I seem to have reacted the main ship at this point, From now onwards, it is going to be a voyage into the uncharted seas. This bigger voyage I shall begin, as soon as the Lord God KALKI in my heart, gives me the signal, that the time has come, at last for that greater voyage. I shuddered when I thought about the Ramayana and the Mahabharata; because of the enormity of the challenge that was staring me in my face. After having sped along bravely in my small coastal boat; my devotion as well as my daring has grown to such an extent that I am now, boldly willingly to set out on the greater voyage: without being cowed down by the enormity of the challenge.
Looking back, I do not think, I have succeeded to my satisfaction; in giving you a genuine feeling of what it is to know and to live with this truly Great Being, the Lord Kalki. I shall attempt the task, all over again, with greater preparation and more time; in my vaster voyage that lies still ahead of me. The only afterthought that comes to me know; as I am preparing to finish the task on hand, is to let you know that at no time was Bhagavan, in the least bit interested in making any claim that HE was that Lord Kalki of our scriptures. His identity as Kalki Bhagavan has been a monumental nation-wide discovery by lakhs of His devotees. They see and revere Him, The Supreme Being, in their hearts; because of the Godly mystical communion they have with Him, in the cave of their hearts; in their innermost selves...
If any one among you is flabbergasted at the actual events in the life of my KALKI Bhagavan and doubts begin to assail you as to whether this is what the life of a great Avatar is expected to be; all I can do at this juncture is to ask you to go back to The Ramayana, The Yogavasistam and The Mahabharatha and see for yourself what pain suffering Lord Rama, and Lord Krishna had to undergo, notwithstanding their being Avatars.
As I said, I shall continue the narrative; when another appropriate occasion arises. For the present; it is time for my leave-taking. My endless prostrations to My beloved God, Sri. Sriman. Kalki Bhagavan and I must bid farewell to you, at this point...
Aum Tat Sat