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Once called the "Holy Herb Of Tibet, Tibetan Rhodiola Sacra is a medicinal herb that grows in the Himalayas between 3,000 and 5,000 meters above sea level.

In China it was called "the herb given by Immortal" and it was given to warriors.

It is believed to be one of the most powerful adaptogens in the world (an herb that helps one adapt to harsh surrounding such as schizandra or ginseng.

Studies done in China have shown it to enhance blood circulation, help maintain good cardiovascular function, enhance sexual function in males,increase energy levels,delay senility, improve healing processes, purify the blood, improve myocardial and cerebral vascular function, reduce blood viscosity, and improve memory.

Tibetan Rhodiola contains a powerful bioflavanoid that has the ability to pass through the blood/brain barrier.

Thus it is considered to be a tremendous herb for heart and brain.

In addition to the physical benefits, increase in stamina, as well as the increase in perception and better vision that many have noticed,
Its subtle effects seem to be a softening of the heart (the heart of the legendary warriors of Shambala were said to be soft, for it is the soft heart that does not break). Or an activation of the heart throat and brow chakras, and an alleviation of fearful thoughtforms.

Following are some favorite folk and herbal remedies. They are not a substitute for medical advise and may not work for everyone. There is no guarantee of safety or effectiveness.s:
Leg Cramps: Dill pickle juice has been used for centuries for almost instant relief.
Allergies or Asthma- Yamoa is a favorite herb. Chew a piece of honeycomb for 15 minutes every 2 hours.
Watery Eyes or NervousnessGoogle Lugol's Iodine
Cystitis-The Death Valley Remedy- I have taken 1 T of Cream of Tartar every Am for several days with great relief. Some feel that Cream of Tartar works amazingly well for some in a short time in getting rid of yeast infections. Google "candida and cream of tartar."

Food Poisoning-The homeopathic Arsenica 6x hourly is my go to remedy. Green Gatorade alone healed me in half a day of some terrible effects of some bad coconut shrimp eaten at a Dallas Cantina. The Texans swore only the green would do the trick.

My cat had a terrible eye ulcer. Hundreds of dollars were spent on painful treatments and medication at the vet. One evening after eating a salad and crashing out in front of the TV (lettuce can act like a sedative in many people-if you are always tired you might want to consider this) I woke up to the sight of the cat drinking the oil and cider vinegar salad dressing from my favorite Turquoise Mesa plate. In the morning the ulcer was just about gone. Later I read that if you put some cider vinegar on some cotton and apply to the back of the neck it works as well. I have had also had very good luck with a stubborn and quite horrible eye ulcer in a cat by using several drops of Mesosilver in the eye. I used it in my own eye first to see what would happen and it felt like I had been swimming all day for several hours but in the morning my vision was greatly improved in that eye. I have noticed that a diet primarily of non processed foods raw chopped organic chicken with some Halo supplement sprinkled on top and fresh corn keeps eye problems away in a cats. When purely processed food is fed again often the eye issue will return. Another important thing for a housecat is sunlight. Yes it is boring to walk a house cat around the yard-think of it as karma yoga. Maybe someday you will be old and housebound and somebody will take you for a walk. It is also a very good chance to do walking meditation.

Fear in animals-Bach Flower Mimulus

Hostile Animals-Bach Flower Remedy-Holly- works on grumpy husbands too.

Burning mouth syndrome is often related to Iron deficiency and or B viamins as is restless leg syndrome. I suspect it is bacterial in origin as suffered with it after having some fillings replaced. Colloidal silver got rid of it. I like PH Remedies (Petroglyph Healing Center see live lik at bottom of page). I have a silver generator and quite a few brands of silver around. To me this is by far the best brand. I like the 40 PPM as resonates with me.

Favorite probiotic-Dr. Ohirra's.

Favorite Healing Beverage-Elderberry Concentrate from Sprout's mixed with club soda. Studies have show Elderberry to have anti-viral properties.

Muscle Twitching-this can be a caused by menopause, is scarey and irritating. Estrogen is a neurotransmitter on some level and there are studies showing benefits of Estriol for Parkinson's. When I was a kid there was a movie about a giant centipede called "The Tingler" there was a scene when a man was on a table at the morgue. The Tingler was inside him and made the body sit up. As a publicity stunt as I understand it some of the seats in the theater were wired to vibrate during that scene. After some time they stopped because it was not worth cleaning up all the spilled drinks, popcorn and urine. Anyway when estrogen levels fall male or female (the estrogen levels are higher in males in sunny days -they generally feel better and more viral when the sun is shining) it can weird out the nervous system. It can feel like insects crawling, twitching or even the Tingler. Low calcium can do this as well. So can sub clinical survey (low C).

While there are other causes some serious some not, it can also be caused by infection such Lyme, or Candida or a mineral imbalance. Some with a predominately Vatta Dosha (google Ayurvedic Dosha Test for a free on line assessment) can be prone to this as they age. Some take magnesium at this condition and it works well. Some have had relief by bathing daily in epsom salts. Other folk healers say that honey helps maintain the right level of calcium and works well for this along with insomnia when taking with a calcium supplement. Mag Calm or bathing in epsom salts sometimes combats it for some.

Favorite Alkalinizing Remedy- The juice of a lemon or about 1T Cider Vinegar into a cup and keep adding baking soda a pinch or so at a time until it stops bubbling. Add water and drink. It is good to check the PH with strips. It is also good to keep in mind that a person in respiratory will often have a high PH so does a corpse. There are instances where it it a disservice to suggest or try and swing a person into an alkaline state. In Vermont Folk Medince it is written that a sign of illness is alkaline urine. < p>Favorite Toothpaste for teeth and gums-Dentarome by Young Living

Allergy Relief-Yamoa mixed in honey, Cider Vinegar and Honey-Google: Dr. Jarvis Vermont Folk Medicine Rage- Road or otherwise. Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed or angry or infuriated for no cause? Some get relief from zinc. There was a study of children who were labeled as cruel, constant tantrums, breaking things physically lashing out. It was discovered that there was a copper dominance in the body. Zinc in a lozenge or tablet was used to balance it and they became quite normal. Many foods contain copper. Chocolate is a favorite. Zinc on an empty stomach can cause nausea.

Favorite Supplements-Yamoa, Lypo-Spheric C, Native Remedies Silver (see link at bottom of page), Epicore, Blue Bonnet Multi, and Cell Health Makeover's GH3. I really like Dynovite for the dog and have had lame dogs get back in their feet with the GH3 pet version from I used the tablets.

Poor Circulation or Arthritis, Google Honey and Cinnamon.
Low thyroid/Allergies- Google boron and manganese levels are adequate.It is hard to balance the thyroid and adrenals directly but there is a trinity in the body of the pituitary, the adrenals and the thyroid. A biochemist told me that if the pituitary is balanced with adequate boron and manganese the other 2 glands will balance as well.
Graying Hair-A traditional remedy is a tea made from 2t of blackstrap molasses in water.

Malaria-Google "MMS Sodium Chorite. p> If there is one true talisman in Vedic Shamanism it is the Rudraksha Bead. Rudrakshas are worn for for attaining high levels of consciousness, healing, health, manifestation, wealth, protection and and spiritual blessings. To learn more about Rudraksha talismans visit Rudraksha Beads



Deeksha and the Second Brain

The ability to attain high states of consciousness is very much linked with the colon. Some masters have said the fall of man from his natural state of enlightenment is linked to the formation of mucus in the colon. Thus the practice of fasting in many traditions-the perfection of the physical body of the Septanga Marga or 7 Fold Path.

In a sense you can say there is a second brain in the abdominal region or gut. The brain in the head has the grey matter on the outside and the white matter inside and in the gut the white is on the outside and grey inside. We think after we feel. We focus so much on the brain in the head and deekshas' impact on that brain, yet our guts-our second brain-are clogged with toxins, fecal matter, mucus, worms, and fungus. The condition is that of a walking cesspool. The balance of the two "brains" of intuition and logic rarely occurs when the body is in a toxic state.

The solar plexus has to do with the body's ability to process sound and light. This ability is lessened when the surrounding area is clogged like a dirty sponge. When the area of the "second brain" is cleansed, deeksha can have an even more amazing effect.

Favorite Supplements

1. Probiotics-Dr. Ohhira's Many say it will even get rid of MRSA. Chronic Sinus, Colitis, Food Allergies, Fatigue, Viruses, Acid Reflux, Food Poisoning. I have only 4 words to say on this one-God Bless Dr. Ohhira. This award winning formula has saved me from untold physical misery over the years and for some reason really impacts consciousness and brings about a happy state bordering on bliss. The gut is like the second brain-the brain of intution.

2. Parasite Cleanse-It is very difficult to reach high states of consciousness when the body is clogged with toxins and worms. The consciousness of the parasites impacts yours, even affecting the food desires. They can cause excess body fat. Some who are manic depressive are sensitive to nerve toxins parasites emit when they die. That is why it is cyclic. Others who are sensitive to the new moon and full moon are generally infested as parasites breed and hatch with the new and full moon. Children with parasites may be hyper, have problems learning and the aura may appear to be indigo. Humaworm is a very good cleanse to be repeated 2-4 times a year. . It will be an easier cleanse if you order the colon cleanse on that site as well.

Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations

Aloe-Skin, mild laxative, anti-viral, anti arthritic, checks growth of tumors, liver complaints, asthma, and jaundice.

Amla-Anti-aging, lowers cholesterol level, prevents indigestion, controls acidity.

Arjuna-Cardiac stimulant, Anti-anginal, regulates blood circulation in heart, relieves hypertension.

Ashwaganda-Rejuvenator. Promotes strength and vigor,keeps mentally alert, aphrodisiac. Make sure your prostate formula contains ashwaganda.

Basil-Anti-stress. Anti-inflammitory, anti-arthritic, anti asthmatic, antibacterial, stimulating expectorant, liver disorder, colitis.

Bitter Gourd-Reduces blood sugar, intestinal worms, anti-diabetic, jaundice, diuretic.

Brahmi-Brain Tonic, increases mental ability, memory. Enhances power of speech. Anti-stress, anti-inflammitory.

Gurmar-Reduces Blood Sugar. Corrects metabolic activities of liver, kidneys, and muscles. Cardiac stimulant, diaretic.

Night Bloom-Restores vigor and vitality, aphrodisiac, nerve tonic, Respiratory and cardiac stimulant, anti-spasmodic. Useful in urinary disorders and impotence.

Mint-Aids Digestion. Tones up Stomach. Antispasmodic, diarrhea, dysentary.

Neem-Blood purifyer, anti inflammitory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-viral,anti ulcer, jaundice, skin diseases.

Triphala-Colon cleanse, antiarthritic, anti inflammitory,improves liver function and eyesight.

Tumeric-Anti-viral,anti-septic,anti-bacterial, purges toxins from body, sprains, swellings.

It is important to find high quality herbal products. Freeze dried products are generally considered superior if fresh is not available.




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