Finding Shambala

"Thereafter, at the conjunction of two yugas [Kali-yuga and Satya-yuga],
The Lord of the creation will take His birth as the Kalki incarnation and become the son of Vishnuyasha.
At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers." (Bhag.1.3.25)

Consider for a moment this Shambala or Utopia that you are seeking as a symbolic rather than a physical place. “Bhal” refers to the forehead. A meaning of Shambala is "Born of the Forehead” or "Place (or State) of the Forehead."

According to Hindu Pauranic tradition Kalki is the 10th Avatar of Vishnu. Krishna, Rama and Buddha are considered to be previous incarnations. The word “Kalki” means "The Annihilator of Ignorance". The symbolic form of Kalki is a warrior, carrying a sword, upon a white horse. The divine mission of this avatar is to bring enlightenment to all of mankind.

Kalki consciousness awakens or is born in the Ajnea chakra (third eye) and arises to the crown chakra and beyond. This awakening in Ajnea (in the brow or forehead) is perhaps why the Kalki avatar -the Sampoorna or total avatar- is generally considered far less worldly and more warrior-like than the other avatars or aspects of the Divine(who typically awaken in the heart). Many people who have experienced this awakening will tell of a great Light entering the Ajnea chakra.

Why is it significant that this awakening would occur in Ajnea rather than the heart? There is a safety valve of sorts called "the Knot of Karuna" right above the heart chakra. One of its functions is to keep a rapidly rising kundalini from causing damage to the physical and subtle energy bodies-from causing damage to the brain.

The Knot of Karuna also keeps man bound to devotion, ideals, dogmas, orders, religion, spiritual teachers, ancient traditions, sentimentality, history and to compassion. When an aspect of the Divine awakens in the heart, in the current age of Kaliyuga when the heart of man is hard and cold like iron, suffering can occur.

This awakening in itself is an early part of an ancient journey to enlightenment. It moves the being from belief (ignorance) to discovery and from reformation to transformation. In general the point of awareness will shift to the anahata or heart chakra-right below the knot of karuna.

Many times the being will become stuck and he or she will suffer and crave the experience with God. This is apparent in the lives of many of the saints and mystics. Other times the person may become fanatical or cause others who do not have the same level of devotion to their “Beloved” to suffer. A form of madness born of obsession over God can occur. In this state the unraveling of the knot of kauna rarely occurs.

The Kalki Avatar does hinder or bind man by awakening in a chakra below the knot of karuna. This leads to a natural process of unraveling.

Kalki awakens in Ajnea, well above the knot of karuna. When the kundalini and the point of awareness meet in Ajnea there is a seeing of the dependently arising nature of creation. The ancients considered this to be a state of a Buddha. There is still a sense of separate existence as there is the perception of a both a viewer and a view. Because there are no absolutes that can be perceived in this state, it is an appeasement of all obsessions- including obsession over God.

We will take a brief break. When we return I will teach you a mantra to evoke this state and give you a diksha to help you to experience this awakening.


Dhama Dharini

From a 2009 Workshop with Dharma Dharini

Sutras of Enlightenment: Sutra of Love and Hate

Deeksha (also spelled Diksha) is a Sanskrit word related to the English word, "benediction". It is an ancient form of spiritual initiation or empowerment. This transference of Spiritual Energy, over time, brings about a state of Enlightenment or Oneness. Oneness refers to a high state where there is no sense of separate existence. This state is well beyond a feeling of connectedness. Deeksha is part of an ancient triad consisting of Deekshas, Sadhanas (spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation), and Sutras. A Deeksha can be likened to a seed, nourished by Sadhanas such as yoga and meditation, and activated by Insight.

Many of you have spent hours on sadhanas such as yoga and meditation. Others have had thousands of deekshas and there has been little progress. Some may even find that the sadhana practice and going for deeksha has become another way to manage sorrow-to run from suffering, Others still have spent years practicing sadhanas and contemplating sutras yey still there has been little progress in the realm of transformation, God Realization or enlightenment. You are may be missing the very seed-the deeksha for enlightenment.

Some liken this deeksha to a seed nourished by rain (sadhanas) and sunlight (sutras). Others have all kinds of "scientific" explanations for deeksha about the nervous system and neurobiological changes.

I was watching the newly chosen Pope, Pope Francis, so beautifully blessing the people and taking blessings from the people. Not once did I hear anyone speaking about the impact of this blessing on the human nervous system, neurobiological changes, seeds, transferences of spiritual energy. Just know that deeksha is an integral part of an ancient tradition of enlightenment. It is a blessing.

You have all had deekshas, maybe you have had glimpses of another truth beyond the five senses. Maybe you have become transformed like the sages, saints, prophets, and mystics throughout history by a profound divine mystical experience. Yet you still suffer and cause others to suffer.

Many have missed a very early step in the journey of transformation and enlightenment. That early step is "Realizing your condition. If you were to call someone and ask, "How do I get to Cleveland?" The first question would be, "Where are you?"

Yet in this journey if you do not know where you are is it any wonder you are stuck, running from guru to guru? It is important for you to have some idea where you are at. Some throw terms around very loosely such as "Unconditional Love or Non-Judgemental." Others of you have reigned in your emotions to the point where you do not feel anger, jealousy, hatred or much of anything at all. This is not the same as attaining a high state. It is falling into a highy reformed state, that can be likened to a state of a living corpse. The emotions are life. Why are you cutting them or attempting to manage them with techiques to release them?

Today, if there is courage, you will work with a sutra that will serve several purposes. It will take you back a step or two and help you to realize your condition, break through some delusion, and fill in that corner you may be missing in the ancient triad of enlightenment, of deeksha. sadhana and sutra.

Some are not so happy with the idea of going back. You feel you are in high states and want to change the theme of today and go higher. The ego is bristling at the idea that someone would suggest going back to nursery school. Yes, I see all these things.

Consider this, if you released a baloon and it went under the porch roof, there it would stay until it could no longer rise. Someone would need to pull it down and re-release it under the sky so that it could fly freely. Please close your eyes.

The ancient seers distilled Love and Hate into very simple terms. To love is to accept. To hate is to not accept, generally manifesting as desiring change. So many have come telling that they love a person unconditionally. Yet if asked, "If you could change one thing about that person or your relationship what would it be?" I am met with a whole grocery list. Look at your beloved child. Would you change his grades? Do you wish your wife was a better housekeeper? Look at all the things you would change about your relationships, all of the "If Onlys" and the "He or She Shoulds."

The Sutra is as follows: "To love is to accept. To hate is to not accept or to desire change. Look into the heart at what it is you would change. It is there that the hatred lies."

We will spend the next hour in meditation to go deep into this. Some of you may prefer to take some paper and make a list of who or what you would change.

"Look into the heart at what it is you would change. It is there the hatred lies."

"Look into the heart at what it is you would change. It is there the hatred lies."

"Look into the heart at what it is you would change. It is there the hatred lies."

At the end of this hour we will go deeper into this, share insights and we will share some discoveries and have a guided meditation that may help to pull together what you have discovered and help to give you a breakthrough.

Dharma Dharini (From a workshop Transcript March 2013-Copyright 2013)

Obsession With Wealth

There are several obsessions that are considered to be forms of madness. Three of these sufferings or aberrations are: obsession with a man or a woman, obsession with God, and obsession with wealth. Anyone who has ever been infatuated with another or who has been around an infatuated person for any length of time may be able to relate to madness born of obsession.

Few stop to consider that an obsession with wealth and the madness born of it also includes obsession with the wealth of others. Many are very busy pointing out the faults and perceived greed of the rich that they do not realize their own level of obsession with the wealth of another. A hatred of the wealthy is a hallmark of unenlightened society. We are seeing a growing trend to blame the rich, particularly in certain protest movements and political circles.

Ask yourself this: Who is the mad one: the person who has attained prosperity through his or her labor and/or Grace or the one who demanding some of that wealth while chattering about fairness and the greed of others?

The Golden Age is a 10,000 year period of prosperity and enlightenment. It is a state of consciousness as well as an astrological event. If you hate and blame the prosperous for the ills of the world and march against them how do you suppose you are going to enter the Golden Age? Self righteousness is a great obstacle to Moksha.

As the consciousness raises and the ignorance (that was very often behind the suffering of poverty or financial lack) is uprooted and higher states experienced, generally a person will begin to bless and be happy for the more fortunate. Thus the karma improves and poverty or material lack falls away. Laws of cause and effect are realized and dynamics of personal responsibility are realized regarding ones actions, inactions, indecisions and decisions.

Dharma Dharini (From a workshop Transcript March 2013-Copyright 2013)

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