Mystical Experience & Enlightenment

Profound Divine Mystical Experience is a personal and undeniable experience with the Source of Supreme Consciousness. It is a common denominator in the lives of saints, sages, prophets and mystics, and an integral early part of an ancient pattern of enlightenment. It is only such mystical experience which transforms man. Mystical experience moves a being from a state of belief to discovery. Individual transformation is so important as belief (ignorance and speculation)separates man while discovery unites. Surely it is blessed to believe, but there must come a time when belief must come personal experience and discovery if any degree of transfromation is to occur.

Looking into the lives of great beings such as the Apostle Paul or Gautama Buddha (see mystical experience of Siddhartha on home page of this site) it is not so difficult to see the transformation effects of Profound Divine, Mystical Experience. Transformational effects of such experience are often very apparent in those who have had near death experience.

Mystical experience does not occur because someone wants it or even deserves it. It often occurs not when desired, but because it is necessity. It's Grace.

An ancient pattern of enlightenment, apparent in the lives of many great beings is: realizing one's condition and embracing or feeling helpless in that condition, asking for intervention, Profound Divine Mystical Experience leading to transformation, Insight leading to Enlightenment. Following are some examples of mystical experiences I have had:

The Start of the Journey


The crystal clear bell-like voice of monk, Sri Lena Bhagavad Dasa rang through the large meeting hall. “How curious, a female monk,” I mused, shifting in my seat and glancing at the rapidly accumulating snow outside the window. The 2 day yajna had just begun and I was a long way from home. Already thoughts of the return trip home through such a storm were on my mind.

“Sat Chit Ananda”

I stared at the people sitting on the floor at the front of the room-all Indians-and marveled at how they could sit so still, in apparent comfort, and so close to one another. Some of the women were dressed in gorgeous saris, and they looked like delicate flowers in a winter garden. I felt big and stiff and awkward, somehow alien and out of place in my old, faded jeans, cowboy boots resting by the door. I was relieved to have on matching socks without holes in them, as removing one’s shoes was the custom.

I squirmed again in my chair and yawned, turning my attention once again to the blizzard outside. “This is going to be a very long weekend,’ I thought. “I wish I was home.”


The ancient Sanskrit chant rose in power and clarity, almost visibly shimmering in the air, considerably brightening and rippling the energy of the room. Suddenly, and with quite a jolt, I realized that I was no longer in the Community Center of Murrysville, Pa, but had somehow been miraculously transported to a very small cave at what appeared to be the very edge of the Universe!

As far as the eye could see-above, below, and beyond, was an infinite, star studded void. I turned around and examined the tiny cave. It appeared to be made of flesh: part of a living, breathing organism, perhaps. Amazingly there was no fear, and I realized that with just one small step forward, I could forever become a permanent part of this glorious starscape.


I turned again, half expecting to see the room that I had so suddenly vacated. There was no change. I was still standing at the edge of the Universe. I began to laugh. Joy came. Bliss followed. My heart was exploding with feeling. Should I jump, step, dive, somersault, or cartwheel into infinity? I wondered, rocking with laughter. What is proper? I was delighted.


“No! This can’t be real! It’s only a meditation. No wait! You’re dreaming!” Like a great winged beast, my mind swooped down, cawing and shrieking. Talons flexed, ready to snatch me up to carry me from that place. The moment fractured into a thousand fragments. The starscape began to ripple and tear. A legion of doubts buzzed before my face. “Just open your eyes and this will all be gone,” they giggled an hissed.

““Sri Bhagavathi Padmavathi Sametha”

So I opened my eyes. What else could I do? I had to know. I was still standing in the cave, the Great Beyond before me.

““Sri Kalki Bhagavathe Namaha”

“My God, this is real! I’ve come home!” And I wept with relief.


And that was the beginning of the journey for me. Much like a blind pig finding an acorn, I had stumbled onto the elusive and seldom discovered Path of Transformation & Enlightenment.

During that weekend vara yajna, many questions that had been puzzling me were answered. I saw my conception, birth and first seven years of life. Then through a series of chants, prayers, mystical experiences & Divine intervention, corrections were made. Childhood hurts and traumas dissolved. Old baggage was shed, and while some pain was still there, my load had lightened considerably.

I experienced my last death, and saw how I had gotten caught up in the cycle of births and deaths for so long. I discovered what it is that keeps one reincarnating on this plane, and what learning (unlearning) has to occur to enter higher realms.

During an amazing past life experience, I experienced a state of repentance for an incident. As a result, a chronic health problem of 20 years vanished. We were then taken 50, 500, and 5000 years into the future on an eye opening and haunting vision quest. Mankind must be enlightened. There is no other way. I saw my destiny and the agreement that I made before coming here. I was sheon the true condition of my heart and while choking back tears of shame followed by relief, I watched as my heart was slowly purified.

And I saw God.

When I left that place, nothing was ever going to be the same. The ground rocked. Single moments became infinite. The senses were clearer. It didn’t matter if I was slicing vegetables, cleaning the sink or watching a sunset-there was pleasure. I felt very much alive for the first time since childhood-I had somehow been salvaged. I traveled through the following weeks watching an extraordinary course of events unfold before me.

Life had become somewhat like a George Burns/John Denver movie, “Oh God”. Supreme consciousness had taken a form that I could hear, see, and touch, and appeared from time to time turning the most mundane event into a mystical experience.

The phenomena that Dharma Dharini experienced is sometimes called "The Awakening of the Antaryaman". As the Indweller awakens inside from time to time in a gesture of Supreme Friendship It will take a very tangible external form and relate in that manner as well. For such beings who have been given this experience Heaven has met Earth. The Golden Age,which is a state of consciousness as well as an astrological event, has begun.

Dharma Dharini has been specially empowered to help others receive such mystical experience. Many of the retreats and yajnas she conducts focus on this Awakening.

Recent Experience-The Divine Feminine
I was experiencing some financial difficulties and needed some money to start teaching and taking on some students once more. I took some help from some siddhas to learn some chants, rituals,and mediation techniques and to see if there was some astrological effect that was causing so much difficulty and I learned that quite often financial difficulty was curse as well as karma-to look there as well.

So I enlisted the help of my Godmother, Dr Angel Cartwright, a powerful adept of ancient Congo/African tradition. She had attended the 1999 6 week Mukti Yajna at Satyaloka. She did a protection ritual and made a powerful talisman, and told me what to do from here

The phone almost immediately started ringing with ivitations to interview with some really good job prospects. I had four interviews right away within a week. Before that, I was lucky to get one interview a month.

The best interview was for sales for a company in Arizona who installed swimming pools. The sales manager repeatedly said the other managers and sales reps did not want a woman on the sales force. They had not had one before and did not want to start. Still he said I was qualified so I went in for an interview. He wanted me to work there, and said I was more than qualified, but the other sales manager did not want me-the excuse was that he had been burned by women sales reps before and the company's insurance liability was too high to hire women as they could get raped on the job. There were to be two interviews which I had, but they were still were deciding about having a woman sell swimming pools, so I was invited in for one more interview.

Alot of red flags were up and I was really getting in touch with old disapointment about being female. I was meditating and feeling really bad and resentful about it the night before the 3rd interview when something amazing happened.

Kali came.

I sensed a presence behind me, turned around and there she was. She was tall and black and her long hair was wild. She sat and she stared. She had 3 eyes. I was alarmed to say the least.

I would not go to a vara yajna (see experience above) when first invited because I had such a childhood aversion to multi armed deities. My first question when my friend, Sunita, invited me and then told me that Kalki comes out of the picture and embraces people, was "Does he have alot of arms?" My great uncle had traveled the world and had collected alot of curios-one was a statue of Kali wearing a bunch of severed arms and skulls and carrying a sword and a severed head. He kept it in a curio room beside a shrunken head. I was very afraid of Kali as a child, and would run real fast past the room that she was in on my way to the bathroom. Sometimes in my imagination she followed me home, and many nights I was sure I could hear her ankle bracelets jingling as she shuffled sideways across the floor to get me. Now decades later, there she was, sitting across from me in my room. You attract what you fear.

She said, "Look at me, I am the eye (I?). Look!"

I wasn't sure where exactly to look, so I looked into the eye in the middle of her forehead. In the eye, I could see her standing large on the horizon of a battle field-left alone to fight for man and Gods. Furious and blood crazed. Unstoppable. Roaring. Focused. She was fighting alone. Blood and gore everywhere. Undefeatable. Making gore from gore. I turned away, fast saddened and shocked and disgusted. Then she giggled and closed her eye.

"O worshiper of the One Who Would Destroy Me, what did you see? You are already dead- why are you afraid? It is not your desires that trouble you so, it's your aversions." And she laughed and stuck out her tongue.

I was filled with such love and compassion for her. And I wept for her, standing alone on a battlefield fighting for man and for the women of the world. I could feel a merging or perhaps more like a flowing of feminine energy and there was tremendous power. I wept for my mother and for all mothers, and I crawled to Kali, weeping, and embraced her, put my head on her lap amongst the severed arms and skulls she carried. And she held me tight, crushed against her. My mother.

The mother's love is such a terrible yet beautiful thing. I saw how life, up until that moment, had been such aversion. So much judgement-so much avoidance. Aversion to everything. And now there was no more aversion. The once dreaded Kali was the most beautiful of beings. Her skin was everything and nothing. Like rain at midnight.

"When you destroy me it will be the end of time." she laughed and was gone.

Later that night there was such peace. I looked at the moon and it was Kali. There were crickets and spiders in the garden. Kali. A bat- Kali- ate a mosquito- Kali. My Mother. And there was a such deep state of peace and bliss. Contentment

Since Kali appeared last week and showed my aversions, there has been considerable transformation in relationships. I see the Mother, in cacti, in birds, in dogs, in the sun, in the moon, in all men. She is in all things and there is no word equal to mother. The common denominator in all of man-like the seed is still apparent in the vine or the tree, the Mother can be found in all things.

Financial difficulties can be the result of many things. Karma, or Destiny, Curse, Lethargy, wasting time, disrespect for women or bad relationship with one's mother can deeply impact finances. Few nations of households that show disrespect to women prosper. Since the Divine Feminine appeared and helped me to set right the relationship with the feminine and my own mother, financial struggle is leaving.

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