Microcurrent Frequency Technology

Many disciplines exist in the field of electrophysical technology. They harmonize the naturally occuring electrical frequency within the body.

Microcurrent Frequency Technology has been shown to stimulate ATP which is a stored energy that allows a cell to function. This triggers the body's healing response. Vital functions are increased a five fold and helps with optimum healing and cellular regeneration.

Microcurrent Frequency Technology is also used esthetically for muscle lifting and toning, skin firming, non-surgical face lifts, acne, pigmentation problems, scars, cellulite, lympahatic drainage, etc. It is also used by many technicians, physicians, surgeons, and dentists for sinus conditions, fibromyalgia, chronic fatique, Bell's palsy, macular degeneration, burns, gum disease, and TMJ among other conditions.

Microcurrent frequency technology is used orthopedically to tighten or lengthen muscles before or after surgery.

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