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LaHaven Village Healing Sanctuary

One of only 3 American Anugraha Reiki Masters, 6th generation shaman, Dr. Angel Cartwright, is also master of many alternative therapies and mystical modalities. In 1999 Dr. Angel traveled to the in India to a four week intensive mukti yajna at the legendary Satyaloka Monastery where many dikshas (spiritual initiations) were given, including the initiations for advanced healing ability, passed down from ancient times. Dr. Angel has incorporated many of the sadhanas of the siddha purushas-the enlightened masters of Satyaloka into her retreats and workshops.

At her center, LaHaven Healing Sanctuary in Pittsburgh, you will find shamanic and healing supplies from many traditions. Crystals and crystal skulls are used in some traditional shamanic healing and rituals. LaHaven Healing Sanctuary is one of the largest suppliers on the East Coast of crystal skulls from many traditions across the globe. Following is some more information about Dr. Angel & her programs.

Lady LaRoda the 9th Keeper of the Rainbow Flame
(Dr. Angel B.M. Cartwright N.D.Ph.D.)

Creator of Conscious Awareness Therapy, is a researcher, psychotherapist, practicing shaman and educator, focusing on body/mind interaction and healing. She teaches self-mastery in order to bring about a realization of harmony, health and humanitarian endeavors. Her specialization is an eclectic approach that allows persons to learn from their distress, be it of body or mind

Her training includes an N.D.in Naturopathic Healing, Ph.D. in Metaphysics, Psychophysical, NLP, Gestalt Therapy, over 20 years as a Special Ed. teacher in the public schools and teaching how to go into non-ordinary states of consciousness without psychedelics.

She consults and conducts programs on optimum wellness, stress management, self deveopment and relaxation training for individuals groups and organizations. She has lectured extensively in Latin America and the U.S.A.

Dr Angel Cartwright, also widely known as Lady LaRoda, has touched thousands through her readings, offering friendship, generating a remarkable process and technique clearly guiding you on the pathway for your Spiritual awareness, enlightenments and fulfillment.

Her extraordinary Symposiums are said to be the finest tools of growth, metaphysics and spirituality. She offers clarity and insight on issues that affect everyone's life.

Tremendous reviews were given from coast to coast and on the Latin American Circuit on her symposiums. Her never ending search for knowledge includes Special Education, Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Metaphysics, Gestalt Therapy. She is a Reiki Master and teacher. Whatever your desires in the world of Psychic Phenomena, you can be sure that Dr. Angel can be of service.

Color Healing
Angelic Channeler
Ayurvedic Therapy
Sound Healing
Homeopathy, Flower&/Gem Essences
/Gem Therapy
Past Life therapy and Past Life Therapy Training
Conscious Awareness Therapy
Celluar Memory Release
Implant Removal
Karma Cleaning
Psychic Development Classes
Stress Management
Tarot Classes
Shamanic Classes
Computerized Astrology Reports
Astrology Consultation
Naturopathic Healing
House Clearing Seichim, Sekhem, Rainbow Rays, Infinite Energy Rays Tibetan, Raku Kei, Tera Maitm, Karuna Reiki, Anugraha Reiki
Feng Shui Classes
Feng Shui Supplies
Training in your area
Training in person or by phone
Custom Soaps Hand Made Specifically for You for Protection, Realtionship, Prosperity, Protection, Love, Etc.

Contact Dr. Angel

Dr, Angel is now offering custom made talismans from Congo shamanic tradition called Kolyes. They are made just for you, to help you work through your problems and to improve your emotional, physical and spiritual health, for the attainment of your goals and opening the gateways of many blessings. She writes:

"First we do a reading to see what you need, then we do a tradition ceremony, to make and feed your Kolye, after that we will empower you kolye for you. Then you may come to our village to receive your kolye. If you can not we then take your picture and put it with your kolye and empower it for 9 days. Then it is then shipped to you.

A kolye can be made for healing, money, protection, love, health, war, business, to accentuate your strengths and control or correct your weaknesses, or to remove obstacles. They can be made to wear, carry in your pocket, or place in one of your rooms at home or work, By having a Kolye made just for you, you can enjoy life instead of being frustrated by it. and balance the energies of the body. Placed in a room it will destroy evil. worn on your neck or carried, it is like a magic dart used for destroying and slating any negative vibrations and evil forces. It is a unstrument of protective and a weapon of protection and a weapon against spiritual attack."

Dharma Dharini highly recommends Dr. Angel's kolyes as she has had tremendous results from one that was made for her by Dr. Angel. It made such an immediate and obvious change in her health, finances and well being. She literally watched a chest wound that was showing no signs of healing, vanish in several hours from the time she put on the kolye. She writes:

"Last August & September I had a chest wound and a terrible fever as a result. I could barely move my head, neck and arms for three weeks, the pain was so great. I put the kolye around my neck and it was as if I could taste the necklace, so strange it was. Then there was a tremendous sensory experience. There was a great chill in my body like ice water was running through my veins and electric sensations down my arms and legs for 4 hours. My skin crawled for some time and then the wound and the fever began to vanish. In two days it was entirely gone and there was no scar.

After than many negative influences seemed to vanish from my life. I highly recommend a kolyes for any with houses with faulty vaastu as a koyle with the house dispurse much negativity from the site and the occupants. Even if one being in the house possesses such a talisman it will impact the whole household for great benefit and open channels for many blessings. The art of making such talismans in very ancient shamanic art. The process is very involved and it takes tremendous talent, energy power and intuition to properly create a good koyle. Dr, Angel is a master in this sacred art.

These talismans are very much alive, and should be treated very sacredly. I have recommended koyles for students whom have had some next to impossible obstacles to overcome with great effect. I have also recommended her koyles for dwellings with terrible vaastu when construction cannot be broken to make corrections. They have brought almost immediate relief to distressed dwellings."

For a personal reading with Dr. Angel please click the Pay Pal Link below. The cost is $45 for a one hour reading. Please note the email address and phone number where you can be reached, and Dr. Angel will contact you to set up a time for your reading. You may also call Dr. Angel at 412-526-1888 to schedule your time.

A consulation/reading is necessary prior to making your custom made and empowered medicine bag, talisman, amulet, kolye or herbal blend. Dr. Angel is one of America's foremost psychics, intuitive astrologers, healers, and medicine women. There is no problem or question too great or small that she can not assist with.

Offered by Dr. Angel B. M. Cartwright N.D.

I believe healing energy should be available to everyone, for this reason I give some attuments free. For the other attunements (which I have pay for) for now I am going to ask for a love offering, if people are fair with me I will keep it like that, if this does not work out I will set a price for each attument.

I have manual for most of the attunements. If your offering is very low I will ask 5.00 to email a manual to you (the reason being you can use the energy without a manual). If you want a printed certificate send me a large brown SAE and 10.00.

For a Distance Healing Session, just send a love offering through pay pal to my pay pal email which is mamboangel@gmail.com.

If you are in one of my groups http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Healing_Energies/join
We will be doing attunement about once a month.

I am attuned to master levels of and practice the following forms and variants of Reiki , and other energy systems of Ascension and Spiritual approach:

Africa Spirits empowerments
Dar' Shem
Abundance Prosperity Reiki
Kabbalah Reiki
Karuna Ki
Sacred Moon Reiki
Dolphin Reiki
Tera Mai Reiki
Celtic Reiki
Ascension Reiki
Sacred Moon Reiki
Usui Teate
Threshold Reiki
Kundalini Reiki Boosters 1-6
Ethereal Crystals 1-9
Gold Reiki
Full Spectrum Healing
Karmic Reiki
Sacred Solar Reiki
Lavendar Flame
Rosari Reiki
Sufi Reiki
Templar Degree
Usui Reiki Ryoho
Kundilini Reiki
Ki Mama reiki
Full Spectrum Healing
Medicine Buddha Reiki
Sacred Breath Reiki
Tibeta Reiki
Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healing
Sacred Flames Reiki
White Dove Reiki
Imara Reiki
Elemental Reiki
Dolphin Trilogy Reiki
Karuna Ki Reiki
Ceitic reiki
Violet Flame Reiki
The golden Triangle Healing System
Light Dream
Blue Star Celest Energy
Ama Deus Shamanic Healing
Silver Violet Flame Attunement
The Akashic Records
Amara Spiritual Empowerment
Isis Blue moon healing
Angel Light Initiation
Colours of Angels
Sapphires of Angels
Diamond of apharel
Crystal reiki
Lavender flame
Ganesha Enpowerment
Golden Triangle healing Systerm
Isis Seichim
Lunar Light
Money Reiki
Prosperity reiki
Sacred Moon Reiki
Spirit Reiki
Tacyon Reiki
Sacred Breath
7 facet Seichim
Archangel Michael
Silver Violet Flame
Ama Deus Shamanic
The Order of Melchizedec and Golden Light of Melchizedec Initiation, Empowerment, and Attunements..
Usui Reiki
Tera Mai
Siddheartha Reiki.
Druid Reiki
Melchizedic Synthesis Ray
Fusion Reiki
Email: lahavenvillage@gmail.com

Prosperity & Enlightenment Store

Prosperity & Enlightenment Store
Anugraha Reiki
Meet Your Soul Mate
Astrology Counseling and Charts
Angel's Helping Hands
Online Astrology Reports
Prosperity & Enlightenment Store
Essential Oils
Angel's Helping Hands
Vedic Shamanism Home
Ayurvedic Herb Descriptions-Contact Dr Angel for the Best Prices and Freshest Herbs
Feng Shui Supplies & Asian Market

New! Custom Soap Hand Made Specifically For You You
For Protection, Prosperity, Success, Harmony, Relationship, Love, Career, Fame, or Protection-according to your situation & area of difficulty, doshas, and astrological influences. Made Specially For You in 2 Pound Increments

New! Soap for Enlightenment made with Satyaloka Quartz Elixer and Other Elixers & Herbs for Enlightenment.

Anugraha Reiki Training

There is tremendous focus on preparation in Anugraha Reiki. The first degree initiation is only given following chakra activation and initiation for Awakening of the Antaryamin or Indweller. The focus of the first degree is on self healing. Sadhanas are given such as yogas and meditations to purify the heart center and strengthen the energy and psychic bodies.

The heart must begin to flower before the second degree is given as tremendous compassion must be born. Therefore an intensive yajna with fire ritual is given as a prerequisite to the second degree. The student of Anugraha Reiki must realize his or her condition. Childhood hurts and traumas as well as past life traumas must be cleansed, therefore samskara shuddhi will also be offered on an an individual basis as necessary with the second degree initiation. More sadhanas such as yoga and meditations to strengthen and purify the physical body, chakras, and the energy bodies will be given, along with the second degree initiation. The symbols of reiki will be revealed and there will be focus as to how to use them for increasing/decreasing energy frequencies, using symbols for mental or psychosomatic imbalances, and long distance healing. Using reiki symbols for healing modalities, manifestation, and meditation will be touched upon.

In the 2nd degree of Anugraha Reiki, a deep understanding of the nature of suffering will be given. Tremendous compassion will be born which is necessary to be able help others. The heart will begin to flower and the initiate will begin to experience an Ultimate Truth beyond the 5 senses. Prana balancing to the degree that it would take many years of yoga and meditation to achieve will occur. The initiate will be in very good shape energistically.

Upon entering the third degree initiation, the initiate must be relatively clear of his or her own physical and psychological suffering. Chronic or psychosomatic health problems such as asthma, digestive disturbance, headaches, etc. should be virtually eliminated or greatly reduced.

Third degree is given only after ancient dikshas (spiritual initiation)for enlightenment and advanced healing ability is given. The initiate will participate in an intensive yajna for enlightenment and transformation prior to 3rd degree initiation.

Following the dikshas, esoteric use of reiki symbols, such as astral projection, meditation, altering time or space from the causal plane, bridging the worlds between life and death
(easing the transition process using reiki), manifestation, and combining reiki with other vibrational therapies such as radionics will be taught. The second degree initiate will receive the master certification and will learn to teach and give Anugraha Reiki initiation for the first and second degree as well as give the first, second and third degree attunements for traditional Usui reiki.

Those completing this program will be certified in Anugraha Reiki. Some with a deep commitment to help others may be invited to Satyaloka Monastery for more personal work, intensive samskara shuddhi, dikshas and training.
Dr. Angel is currently offering Level l & Level ll Anugraha reiki. Please contact her for details.

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