Healing Diksha

At Satyaloka in 1998 during the first Yajna held for Americans and Russians we were given several dikshas and we took training and initiations to channel Bhagavan's energy to large groups and to teach. We were to take over the teaching duties of the Western Monks.

There were 8 North Americans to complete the 42 day yajna and training at Satyaloka. Among them were Uttama, Frank, Bernie, Kathy, and myself (Dharma Dharini) from the Pittsburgh area, Sheila and Leila from NYC, and Sri Raniji from San Jose.

During that retreat we were given a diksha to heal. This diksha had an amazing effect in that when we gave this healing diksha many of the recipients became God-Realized. It activated parts of the brain that man used to use to walk and talk with the Divine and they would not rest until they knew more. They began to seek enlightenment (meaning liberation from suffering). We would get a booths at psychic fairs and health expos and not only did the people experience liberation from some physical suffering but sometimes they would also experience the awakening of the Antaryamin and overnight become like a sage, saint, prophet or mystic.

What was amazing to me was how someone could visit 20 or 30 healers at a show the size of Universal Light Expo or the Whole Life Expo, yet they would isolate the experience from the diksha they had received. Inevitably I would get a call or two saying, "What did you do to me? I am so happy! My husband and I are actually speaking and happy with each other again" or "I went home and turned on the computer and the guy in the picture you had in your booth (we traveled with large Sri Murthis of Bhagavan in those days) was on every screen. He smiled at me from the computer and called my name and now I see Jesus in my heart." Miracle after miracle after miracle.

Sometimes I felt kind of bad for them in a strange sort of way, as all they were asking for was the arthritis in their knees to go away. Now they had moved from belief to discovery and were having experiences common to a saint, sage, prophet or mystic were tuned into the Source of Supreme Love and Intelligence and were well on their way to total transformation.

It was also amazing how powerful the diksha was when it came to healing and the public's reaction to it. I had set up at a small two day psychic fair. The first night I got a call. The caller was very excited. "Did you hear what happened?" She asked.

Apparently a lady who was there had a breast tumor. She came for healing that morning and apparently Bhagavan had taken it from her. She had scheduled surgery the following week and had gone to the doctor that afternoon and they could not find the tumor. The caller told me the host of the fair said that it would be best if I did not return the next day. No one wanted the liability.

Before there was the Oneness Blessing most of the people who came to Satyaloka came as a direct result of the healing diksha.