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Sri Rani Bhagavad Dasa of the San Jose Center has received intensive training and initiation at Satyaloka Monastery to help others discover seldom found states of Deep Inner Peace, Self Transformation, Unconditional Love and Enlightenment.

Raniji Recently receive the dikshas (Spiritual Intiations), training, and blessing to conduct the intensive Mukti Yajnas (Retreats for Enlightenment) that up until recently were only offered at Satyaloka. She will be conducting many such yajnas in the USA & abroad. Avatar Sri Kalki Bhagavan, Whose abode is at Satyaloka, has directly transfered his Wisdom and Energy to Raniji to help many people reach enlightenment. With His energy she conducts the courses that bring Experiences of Enlightenment.

If she is in your area we urge you to attend her retreats or workshops. Bring your heart in whatever condition it is in. We assure you that you will experience tremendous healing, awareness. clarity, and transformation as a result.

The Golden City, The Foundation For World Awakening Facilty For Enlightenment Under Construction in the Indus Mountains

USA Schedule For Sri Rani Bhagavad Dasa of Foundation For World Awakening, San Jose

Nov 11, 2001
Self Tranformation & Healing
San Jose 9:00AM 408-399-0132

Nov 16
Los Angeles 5:30PM-8:00PM 408-399-0132

Nov 17
Level One Training
Los Gatos 10:30AM 408-399-0132

Nov 18
Level One Training
Laguna Niguel & Irvine 408-399-0132

Nov 18-19
Cambridge College 508-376-8508

Dec 31 9:00PM
Mantra Japam
San Jose 408-399-0132

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To host a workshop with Sri Rani Bhagavad Dasa please call 408-399-0132