Yajnas & Diksha in the Ancient Tradition of Enlightenment

font size=3> For the past several years I have been been a caregiver for a loved one who had been in respiratory failure for some time. He later underwent a double lung transplant at Saint Joseph's hospital in Phoenix.

Many thanks to the great guru and my longtime friend, Sri Raniji, for agreeing to be a back up caregiver for someone she never met. In the act of agreeing, she helped to save a man's life. Not only must a transplant patient have a caregiver but there has to be a back up in case something happens to the primary caregiver.

Several weeks later my oldest friend, Dr. Angel Cartwright, returned to the USA early from her home in Ghana and offered to come to Phoenix as well if needed.

I am beyond grateful to these two women of power. It turned out it was not necessary for them to come, yet their frequent calls and offers of assistance were a source of great strength and comfort.

As strange as it sounds, after spending time at the hospital at all hours of the day and night as he lay there drowning in the room and waiting for death or for a transplant - we did not pray for either- I would number the hospital among the sacred sites that I have visited.

Julia Ward Howe wrote: " I have seen Him in the watchfires of a hundred circling camps." Many have seen also seen Him in the "watchfires" of a surgical waiting room or the ICU, during the long journey down the hall to the elevator on the way to Hospice, or during yet another day and/or night spent weeping by a bed. The Lord intervenes and the person is liberated from belief and enters the realm of personal experience. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Some have spent years on sacred mountains yelling the name of chakras, meditated in the beautiful gardens of ashrams or where Gautama Buddha attained, they have walked where Jesus walked, viewed sacred relics, visited temples and the grandest of cathedrals. Yet not much happened for them.

History tells of God intervening, often to an average or what would be considered fallen person, on a dusty road to Damascus, on a battlefield or a hospital as in the life of St. John of God. This profound divine mystical experience transforms man. All else is reformation. It is said that when God comes the temple runs. Hospitals and battlefields never run.

I no longer travel or conduct Yajnas or workshops. Below are links to friends and teachers, who, to the best of my knowledge conduct programs and help seekers in the USA. - Dharma Dharini

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