I was first consciously introduced to radionics in 1991 while offering homeopathy consultations and reiki training to veterinarians and animal practitioners (I say consciously introduced because as a teenager a therapist had totally cured my allergies using radionics but did not know it at the time). Anyway, I was consulting on a very difficult case and the homeopathic remedy for the particular paralysis a dog was experiencing was not legally available. It was Opium 6x. The frantic owner was adamant about using it, but it was just too risky to procure the raw material to make the remedy. I had visions of her telling of the cure at her next kennel club meeting, "And Oscar can walk now because they gave him opium." I prayed for an alternative and as it often happens the answer came in a very round about way.

The following Sunday I had been asked to work at a psychic and healing fair. There at a table was a man with all kinds of little gadgets. There were wooden boxes with what looked like tuna cans and dials inserted in them. At the time I was not much into gadgetry and I almost passed him by. But he smiled brightly and nodded so I stopped at his table more out of courtesy than curiousity.

What he had there amazed me. The wooden boxes with the dials and the tuna cans were home made radionic units. He was calling them prayer boxes. The instructions said to write your prayer and put your signature (signature means "sign of nature" and carries the vibration of your being or nature) on a piece of paper, put it in the well (tin can). Use the stickplate on the unit or a pendulum and turn the dials to the right setting.

He told me that you could also put a picture, blood or hair (this effigy was called the "witness")in the little well (that's what he was calling the tin can)instead of the signature and add a homeopathy remedy or a vitamin or medication and it will be the same as if the person or animal took it.

I asked how far it could broadcast the substance and he said that he knew for a fact as far as the moon because they were able to radionically moniter the astronauts' heartbeats. You could also treat and fertilize your plants, tell from a photo if someone was living or dead, find lost things. It was a realm of unlimited possibilities. Voodoo in a box. Quatum physics.

"Powerful mojo!" was my first thought. My mind was spiraling with the possibilities. I took one home and began to study. I learned that each substance has a numerical rate as does each disease. You could balance a disease with an opposing rate. For example, the numerical frequency or rate for gastric ulcer is 3032, the opposing rate is 7078. When there is a zero behind the first digit it indicates disease. It is subtracted from 100 (100-30=70). Cancer is indicated by the number 50 generally followed by rate for the body part. For example the rate for the bladder is 62. The rate for bladder cancer is 5062. Cancer is the exeception of the opposing rate rule. The opposing rate for 50 is 90. So the opposing rate for bladder cancer is 9048.

I heard of a priest who was teaching radionics and began to pester him for teaching. I asked for help with an animal I was working on. He also worked on a large ganglion cyst on my right wrist that according to the doctor would need surgery. He ran some rates, told me which homeopathic to take and that evening following a sharp pain, I saw it deflate before my eyes-never to return.

It was like magic. I was a convert. I learned all I could.

The following week I noticed that the tree in front of my city home was dying. I ran some rates and it need fertilizer so I called the city. They refused, saying wouod be more cost effective to cut it down and replant. That was sad. I said that I would pay and have it done. They said it was their tree and if I did this I would be fined. It is illegal to feed city trees. I decided to have it done anyway as risk the consequences as I was very fond of that tree.

While looking for a tree doctor I remembered the radionic unit. Grabbed it, put a leaf in the well threw in a drop of fertilizer. Dialed up the rates and braodcast it. Then dialed in a rate for a missing mineral and within a week the tree was fine. It even flowered.

During the 90's there was a law they were trying to get passed that made vitamins, minerals and herbs available by prescription only. This to me and others who use alternative therapies and supplements almost ezclusively and others lacking health insurance such an act would have been devastating. I saw it as a violation of freedom that my health would be put in the hands of beings that had already lost the war on cancer to the tune of billions of dollars. I viewed it at the time as a danger to my well being and that of my family. Imagine having to have a prescription for vitamin C.

To me radionics took away the worry of regulation of herbs and vitamins. If I had the rate and the unit, I had access to its benefits. It reminded me alot of the book Faerenheit 451 which is about the government banning books and burning them (451 is the temperature in which a book burns) nd taking ofenders to jail. There was a colony of people that had memorized the books. For example one could recite the Bible, another "Alice & Wonderland, etc. To me radionics, while not legal in some states, offered a viable solution.

While studying radionics one will gain deep insight into the realm of quantum physics. It deals with intent and effigy and amazingly enough when taken apart some of the more effective units have nothing more than a drawing of the circuitry inside

It is an effigy of a machine broadcasting to an effigy of a plant or animal! In many cases an actual witness is not used but a drawing made with intent will work all the same. After some time the unit may not be necessary at all. Broadcasting can be done with visualization.

While at Satyaloka last year I was asked about the possibility radionics being used to enlighten mankind. I have been doing quite a bit of personal experimentation. I have had some amazing experiences using the Sri Murthi or quartz from Satyaloka, and the moola mantra combined with various rates, but nothing long lasting.

Radionics works by resonance. Much depends on the operator. For example if I am working on an animal with a heart problem my healthy heart is resonating with his. It is much like when you put a loud powerful instrument like a piano in a room full of guitars, and strike a note, all of the guitars in the room will sound that note. I suspect that if someone who was fully enlightened were to use the unit he or she could indeed make deep impact on human consciousness.

There are numerical rates as well for various unecessary human psychological sufferings. For example grief is 50263, thoughtlessness is 40421, hate is 8093, depression is 60757, lack of confidence is 50014, self indulgence is 30131, greed is 30714, mental shock is 1010412, fear is 50627, lack of initative is 702191, anger is 3078, and guilt is 80534. There is a whole list. You can take your pendulaums now and go down the list of the handout I gave you for these conditions. Ask if it is a part of what you are experiencing. Perhaps you have been ill at ease and do not really know what is bugging you. This can give valuable insight as to your condition. It will help you see some of your suffering and may become quite humorous as well as healing just in the seeing.

I remember at the last workshop a man was shouting with glee, "That's is! That's it!" I am spiteful!" The woman beside him began to giggle, "I have alot of self pity!" (You can dowse with the pendulum and ask to gauge the intensity of the suffering on a scale of 1-10-10 being the highest-note also that these sufferings are followed by a "0" just like any other disease.) One by one they began to laugh with glee. The highlike of that session was when a very large a sour faced man let out a huge bellar and then laughed until he cried, "I have a lack of humor."

Often times just in the "seeing" the condtion is healed.

We will take a short break, look with the pendulum at our psychological sufferings and some of our inner conditions and then determine the best plan of attack radionically. Remember if it is in the core of man, it will also be expressed in one degree or another in you. It is like a radio receiver-how much of one thing or another are you picking up. So do not be shocked or embarrased by what is there. We will then determine if we use opposing rates, homeopathic rates, actual substances, colour rates, chakra rates, jewel or crystal rates, nutritional rates, aura rates, cosmic influences such as planet or constellation rates, or bach flower rates. Or perhaps we will use microcurrent frequency. It all depends. Many times in the seein the condition vanishes as in the man who found humor after finding himself to be devoid of it. He had always thought that he had a great sense of humor-yet no one who knew him would agree. After we have done that I will teach you a meditation to address suffering-to help you be free of it once and for all.

The previous is an introduction to a radionic workshop with Dharma Dharini Bhagavad Dasa

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We ask but two questions:
Are you suffering?
Do you wish to be free of that suffering?

Suffering and Enlightenment are opposite ends of the same "reality."

Whether it is physical suffering, psychological suffering such as anger, hatred, grief, jealousy, fear, etc., or spiritual suffering such as lonliness, boredom, meaninglessness, a sense of separate existance, suffering has become the core of mankind.

It is the annihilation of ignorance that is the root of all suffering that will liberate you, and bring you into a state of enlightenment that was, in ancient times, the natural state of man.

Where is that State of Deep Inner Peace and Bliss?
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Mukti News July-Inward Journey To Enlightenment

Vedic Shamanism-Priceless (Free) Workshops: Ageless truths integrating Eastern & Western Shamanistic traditions. Spiritual Master Acharya Sri Ananda Giri of the ancient shamanistic community at Satyaloka will be conducting free workshops in California. This is not an info-mercial or introduction for costly programs. The subject will be "Joyful Living". After this week Ananada Giriji will return to the jungles and mountains of India. This young, enlightened teacher has a global following of over 10,000,000 yet is relatively unknown by Americans except in some esoteric, yoga or shamanistic circles.

We invite people of all traditions to spend some time exploring the basic principles of Ancient wisdom. Receive a clear picture of man's eternal quest for freedom and happy & prosperous life. Awaken to your own individual greatness. Demonstration of how to stay centered and aware, heal, grow and blossom into loving relationships. Schedule is as follows:

July 22, 2-5, Bombay Club, 1125 Magnolia, Anaheim,Ca.

July 23 7:30-9:30 Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship Chuch
1924 Cedar St, Berkeley, Ca.

July 25,7:30-9:30 Stanford Hospital, Fairchild Auditorium, 300 Pasteur Dr, Palo Alto, Ca.

Read exclusive interview with one of the female Acharyas of an ancient enlightened culture.  Read about Earth Changes, The Golden Age & World Events and how transformed state of consciousness can help the Earth. see video clip at

There is a beautiful and mysterious place in the South Indian Mountains called Satyaloka where a large number of enlightened beings dwell. They are called the siddhi purushas. They are able to pass this state of consciousness to others and recently the doors have been opened to the West. Seeekers from as far away as Russia and Argentina flock there to attend mukti yajanas, receive samskara shuddhi and dikshas for enlightenment and transformed states of consciousness from an ancient lineage of enlightened sages. Learn some of the Sadhanas and Hatha Yoga Postures practiced at Satyaloka. 

Can Radionics impact human consciousness? New page being contantly updated. What for published Universal Rates.

SRI Rani Bhagavad Dasa of the San Jose Center has taken traing and initiation at Satyaloka to conduct mukti yajnas in the USA. This is cause for great celebration as more frequently these yajnas will be offered in the USA! Visit  for updates.

MICROCURRENT FREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY is now available at the Phoenix Center. See practitioner page at  From muscle release to non surgical face lifts. We are experimenting with chakra activation with microcurrent. On the brow chakra effects last for days.

We are pleased to announce that the Lahaven Village Healing Sanctuary an Ayurvedic and Healing center in Pittsburgh is now offering programs to prepare seekers for the mukti yajnas. The facilitator, sixth generation shaman, Dr Angel Cartwright, Phd, Nd, is one of only 3 American masters of Anugraha Reiki, the reiki of enlightenment. She has traveled to Satyaloka in 1999 to attend an intensive 6 week yajna where she received many dikshas to conduct special programs and for ancient healing form. She is offering many on line workshops and preparations for mukti yajnas. Contact her for all your aryurvedic, homeopathic and herbal needs. She is immensely adept in the realm of healing body, mind and spirit as well as in the realm of psychic ability. 

DASAS OF SATYLOKA TO START PROGRAMS IN UK. Those who have expressed interest from UK may write to and leave name adrress and phone number if you wish to be contacted with program schedules.

On the subject of Pittsburgh, it is a place in the United states with tremendous spiritual potential. Any time you have a South to North flowing body of water (such as the Nile) there is tremendous potential for spiritual advancement. Discover what it is about the vaastu and energy of Pittsburgh that has such impact on spiritual development. 

The one who attains moksha is liberated from the cycle of births and deaths. It is a final merging with Supreme Light.

While at Satyaloka last summer, I saw buses of senior citizens arriving to attend a moksha yajna. I could not help but notice the difference in the seniors as they were leaving several days later. There was a look of such peace and joy in their eyes. Their energy was bright and clear and they looked so very vibrant-so very beautiful-like great beings of light. They radiated love, power, peace, compassion, and wisdom. There was an sense of inner knowing and great vitality about them.

Many had been given the opportunity to go where mortals rarely go. They had traveled mystically to the realm of death and beyond death. They had visited the great beyond and had conquered man's greatest fear. They now had the roadmap for death and beyond, and they now knew how to have a beautiful and joyous physical death. They had personally discovered what was necessary to reach the seldom attained state of moksha. Many had received the profound divine mystical experience-the divine union-during the yajna as well. As a result they were now experiencing life to the fullest. It was like a rebirth for many of them. And it was so very beautiful to see them in that state.

I had a deep desire to make the moksha yajna available to the seniors of North America. Daily I begged the monks, and later Sri Mukteswara Bhagavan personally, to grant to me the training and initiation necessary to offer this yajna in the USA. He gave his consent. Be assured that the moksha yajna is perhaps the most beautiful and sacred yajna that one can participate in.

There is quite a demand for this world wide and I would very much like to take a group of mystically inclined individuals, possessing tremendous courage and compassion, to Satyaloka to receive dikshas, preparation and training to conduct the moksha yajna along with other programs. The prepartions for this endevour will begin in Phoenix Arizona in September of 2001. The excursion to Satyaloka for those who are able to properly prepare is tentatively planned for late December or mid January depending on availability of facilities and size of the group. Interested parties are urged to contact. Moksha Yajnas are also offered at the San Jose Center There will be an introductory and informational meeting in Phoenix July 20 from 7-9 at the Bombay Grill on Van Buren.
Dharma Dharini

The San Jose Center  also offering moksha yajnas. If you are interested in attending or if you would like to host a yajna please contact Rani Bhagavad Dasa. We will do our best to accomodate. Please keep in mind that the moksha yajna is only conducted for those over 55 or those who ar terminally ill. Sri Rani Bhagavad Dasa also offers some tremendous programs on Awakening, Stress Release and Self Realization. Mukti Yajnas to be offered soon. Visit the San Jose site to contact her directly.

Sites of Interest and Words From Sponsers

FROM CAIRO WITH LOVE  Incredible treasures and oils direct from Egypt.

EARTHCALM  Earthcalm manufactures incredible bracelets with crystal technology. We are in the process of attempting to arrange the manufacture of some bracelets containing with Satyaloka Quartz which is an important stone for the healer and seeker of enlightenment. The bracelets help very much with meditation, sense of well being and healing. Read about Satyaloka Quartz at 

BOMBAY GRILL-Check out the great vegetarian selections at the Bombay Grill in Phoenix on Van Buren & Central. Best Vegetarian Buffet in town with Indian/Nepalese cuisine! Belly Dancers perform at the Bomaby Grill the last Friday of every month.

THE SNOW LION'S GARDEN- offers vaastu and feng shui consulatation for those seeking to build, rent or purchase a harmonious and fortunate dwelling. Consultant trained in Andhra Pradesh will accompany you while house hunting to help you find a dwelling that will enhance positive energy in your life. Landscape design consultation for good fortune and harmony is also available. Many times making a simply vaastu or feng shui correction can help allieviate a suffering or perplexing problem. Great Prayer & Meditation Garden Design 602-462-1958 for more information.


A sweet tooth is often nature's way of making sure that we get enough vitamin C. In ancient times the source of this vitamin would have primarily been fruit. If experiencing a sweet tooth try an orange or some chewable vitamin C. Not as much fun as a Snickers Bar, but better for you!

Eating disorders and food addictions can be eased by tajking Daniel's challenge. 10 days on pulse and water can have a deep impact on state of mind and body. Even snacking on pulse just once a day will affect food preferences, and consciousness. Read about Pulse at  Cosumption of pulse has helped many with troubling eating disorders.

Bach Flower Therapy Walnut, is highly recommended before & after reaching transformed state. It helps make the energy bodies and physical body accept the change. It is also good to use before & after healing, dental work, and chiropractic adjustments to make the change more lasting. When doing healings crab apple and walnut (Bach) will clear unwanted energies or spirit attachments from others from the healer most effectively.

Having trouble keeping your house or office clean? Try Scleranthus. Many time clutter involves an inability to come to a decision. Crab Apple may also be of aid.

Star Influences-the radionic rates for planets and cosmic influences that may help you right now are Arcturus 89933556, Southern Cross 773073, Sirius 8871100 and Orion Nebula 777333773. We are investigating the manufacture of the essense of Moolam in homeopathic frequency. These star essenses are produced much like any other vibratonal essense or gem elixer. A high powered telescope is focused on the star and refected into water for some time in a darkened room. That water is then placed in a black glass vial as it is highly persihable. To take it must be opened only in a darkened room. Treat it like film. Pegasus offers an extensive line of flower and star essenses. Radionic rates can also be used.

A few Chakra Rates are Heart 971818, Brow 868816. The ninth chakra is 9-387915. More rates will be published soon on the radionic page of the Phoenix site.


This time of year animals may begin to suffer from skin problems. Skin problems while karmic in nature in humans are almost always the result of toxins in an animal. If the animal is always chilly-seeking warmth invetigate homeopathic remedies such as arsenica that impact the kidneys. If he is always warm, the liver is suspect and investigate remedies affecting the liver. Anal gland disturbance or infection in animals that does not clear up after long term use of antibiotics may very well be fungal. Investigate the homeopathic, gunpowder 6x.
For feline leukemia or FIP it is worth trying Hobon R&R, Detoxosode, and Viratox combined with Lifeguard by Starlight International before destroying the animal. Keep in mind that Viratox may negate active immunity in animals vacinated recently-within 21 days or so. If counting on vaccine, it would be good to let your vet know and discuss revaccinating for recently vacinnated animals. Hobon is a licensed homeoapthic line. Hobon is available at the Easton Avery Vetrerinary Clinic in Morgantown, WV.

Hobon's fungi/yeast product is great for treating ringworm in all species.

CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS are being used by physicias and healers to clear blocked energy in body and impact body's natural healing ability. Sound can also deeply impact consciousness. A very good bowl and a personal favorite is offered at Born in the Key of David which is the note the earth sounds while traveling trough space. Impeccibly manufactured this bowl also displays an egg shaped eidolon inside, which is an image of a form which does not physically exist- a phantom such as a rainbow. The eidolon is like a holograph but the energy coming from it is real.

Singing bowls are also being used to braodcast healing energy and aromatherapies on a vibrational level. It is interesting that the begging bowl of Buddha was a singing bowl of metal. The crystal carrilon assists in suppressing pain, increasing pleasure & strengthening the neuro immune response, improving vocal range, hearing range and reversal of behavioral problems such as arttention & concentration problems, aggressive behavior, & hyperactivity among other conditions.

Vaastu Tip: If planning on moving and seeking a good vasstu home prepered directions for home to face are North, Northeast, or East. Ideal floorplan has SE kitchen, SW bedroom, no plumbing on North wall or bathrooms in NE quadent of the home. The Story, Coronado, Encanto and Willo Historic Districts of Phoenix have a high proportion of good vaastu houses. Feel free to write for information on realtors in Phoenix that are more than patient with clients searching for good vaastu homes. Contact The Snow Lion's Garden at 602-462-1958

The Dalai Lama calls Sedona, Az "One of the 3 most powerful places on the planet." We will be planning a all day hike and vision quest there in the shamanistic tradition in Oct. You will connect with your power animal and higher self and many will experience an Ultimate Truth beyond the 5 senses. Will receive native attunement to connect with the earth and will stay in that deep state of awareness for quite some time to help will realization of what is necessary for survival during this time and what is irrelevant.. Attendees will also receive first degree initiation of Anugraha Reiki. Interested parties may contact at the Phoenix Center.

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