Angels and Orbs

Photo Of Golden Orbs at The Golden City II Campus Near the Oneness Temple, 08/23/06

The above Golden Orb photo and the single Orb/UFO photo below, were taken during the August 21 Day Process for Deeksha Givers near the Oneness Temple and a Kali Temple.

There have been many sightings of Orbs in Arizona and other places in the USA. Some say they are UFO's, others Divine Consciousness Manifested in a Form, others feel they are messengers from the future. There was an entire conference on the orbs in Sedona in May of 2007 called The Prophets Conference. To read more about Deeksha visit Oneness Deekshas

Single Large Orb taken by Dharma Dharini During the Aug 2006 Process For Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) Givers, 08/23/06

Photo of Angels or Light Beings

This photo possibly of Angels, Spirits or Light Beings flying over the Golden City were taken during a 21 Day Process of Training and Initiation for Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Givers-Oct 2007 courtesy of

The Enlightenment Star

Man in his natural state in Enlightened. That is how he is supposed to be and thatís how they are made and that is why our left cerebral cortex that part of the brain has space where by we can get in touch with the Cosmic Consciousness. But then owing to certain factors man has lost that state.....

These factors are- in this Cosmos there are several planets & planes where there is life and life is beautiful. Only in very few places things are going wrong as it is going wrong with the earth. To put it short and in a way to understand, the earth is moving in its axis and there is a star called Mulam. From this star there is cosmic radiations emanating and it falls on the earth. When ever that happens the DNA of the man functions differently and man naturally is in a different state. His senses and mind functions differently, and the mystical dimension opens up. Whenever this cosmic radiations are not received by the earth because of its revolution and the axis in which it is moving, then manís consciousness becomes dull, the mystical dimension closes, he becomes more a physical human being. Right now at this point of time the earth is receiving the radiations from this star Mulam. The Cosmic energy is flowing on to this planet....
Excerpt From Interview With Acharya Sri Samadarshini, who was enlightened as a young woman at Satyaloka†

Mukti Yajna 2000 Left to Right-Dharma Dharini, Monica & Ananda

Sometime in the late nineties some land was purchased by Sri Raniji of for the Monks to conduct larger retreats. Satyaloka is small and could not accomodate the large number of seekers who were flocking there. Also many of the Western seekers could not get past the physical discomforts of sleeping on a mat on a clay floor with 100 or more others, cold showers, no air-conditioning or heating, light would come from the sky and play in the water.

During the times between when we were training at Satyaloka,etc.

The monks spoke quite frequently and very excitedly of the new land where the new facility called, "The Golden City" was to be constructed. They told us that there was a sacred lake at the top of a mountain near there where beings of the monks would bring photos of the new land and tell the teachers of this tradition of transformation and enlightenment how the construction was going. In 2000 following a 4 week yajna at Satyaloka I traveled with Ananda Giri, several monks and some of the teachers to The Golden City for Amma's birthday. It was nothing like it is today. There was a small one room building for Ananda Giriji and a separate building for the male monks, a building with showers, toilets, and washing machines, and a dhyana vihar made of poles with a thatched roof. There were no quarters for the female monks at the time.

One day we went into a forest and followed a stream to the lake. A monk led carrying a machete. They said the forest was haunted by the spirits of Rishis which could be seen sometimes as small flickering lights. If they did not want you there you would not be able to enter the forest. We came upon the ruins of a sall temple, a small stone cow was laying on its side.

We climbed huge boulders and drank from the stream (see photo).. A Swedish woman stood in the stream and began to scream. She refused to go further. Eventually we turned back as we had to leave the forest before dark due to the spirits, bears and the resident panther.
When I saw the photographs of the Light Beings taken over the Golden City I could not help but wonder if they were the beings from the sky that the monks spoke of.
Dharma Dharini

Satyaloka-An Inward Journey to Enlightenment