Satyaloka Quartz

There is a beautiful place in the South Indian mountains called Satyaloka where a large number of fully Enlightened people live. This oasis of Enlightenment is yet to be discovered by the masses. They have been living there silently for some years, and have recently opened the doors many seekers to receive Enlightenment. They are very serious about this, and claim that they have received the gift of helping practically any serious seeker actually entering the highest form of Liberation. They live there along with their spiritual Master, Sri Kalki Bhagavan, who has given them the state as well as a great number of gifts.

Many of the Siddha Purushas of Satyaloka, males and females alike, are around 27 years old. They are leading a simple and austere lifestyle enabling them to help all seekers in a very great way. All their energy is used for helping others, liberating people from all kinds of blocks, and, finally help the seekers to get the final push into an irreversible state of Mukti or Enlightenment.

It is indeed difficult not to get touched by their purity, love and dedication. They are always happy and very natural. They have no masks, and the people who can see auras are amazed, for there is nothing but Light around them, no blocks at all.

Satyaloka Monastery is a very special place indeed, for there you will find the largest concentration of enlightened beings on the planet today. It is rapidly gaining global recognition as a hub of enlightenment and stronghold of ancient community. At one time Satyaloka was the campus of a school. The students staying there began to have beautiful astral and mystical experiences. They would go on many astral travels and meet great beings and visit different lokas or realms. There is a tremendous energy vortex there-perhaps the most intense on the planet, and many of the great sages and mystics of India in the past 200 years have come from within a 100 mile radius of Satyaloka. Just to be on the grounds can lead to transformed states of consciousness, Profound Divine Mystical Experience, the Divine Union sought by most who practice yoga. To be in Satyaloka is like entering another world-physically you have the experience of being in another world.

First sent to the USA with Sri Dharma Dharini in 1998, Satyaloka quartz is an extremely powerful stone that has tremendous capacity to help alleviate all manner of suffering to those ready to receive its exceptional properties. The stone of the Golden Age, it is one of the most important healing stones of the New Age. It helps a being to enter the Golden Age which is a shift in consciousness as well as an astrological occurence, activating seldom used space in the brain that in ancient times man used to walk and talk with God-to percieve an ultimate truth beyond the 5 senses. It has incredible healing abilities, produces a sense of deep inner peace, sense of stillness and liberation from stress to those who carry it. It purifies the thoughts, the aura and surrounding areas, aligns and activates the chakras, and will often give a deep and often earth shaking connection to Supreme Consciousness, leading to tremendous personal growth, clarity and transformation. Very rapidly the one who works with Satyaloka quartz will be moved from the realm of mere belief into the realm of discovery-from reformation to transformation. Many have reported experiencing states of Enlightenment or experiencing the seldom discovered states of Deep Inner Peace, Awareness, or Unconditional Love while entering into prayer or meditation with Satyaloka quartz.

Satyaloka Quartz crystals are very small for the most part. Only a few measuring more than 3/4" have been found within the monastery. They generally have a reddish or golden cast if not entirely clear. Despite the tiny size they are very powerful and many feel the need to use with grounding stones or to polish them to make the powerful resonance of enlightenment more understandable.


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