Miracle of the Honey

Many miracles and healings have been reported by those meditating on the Sri Murthi or Icon of Sri Mukteswara Bhagavan (Sri Sriman Kalki Bhagavan). Following are photographas taken of one such miracle in Milipitas, California 1/23/99.

Honey began to pour from the hands of the Sri Murthi. People came from far and wide to view the miracle and to taste the celestial honey. Most experienced an Awakening of the Antaryamin (Divine Within), experiencing states of Unconditional Love, Deep Inner Peace, or Bliss from viewing the Miracle of the Honey. Many were healed and many received answers to their prayers or immediate and miraculous solutions to their difficulties and sufferings.

Seekers from across the globe flock to Satyaloka, the abode of this great avatar to attend Mukti Yajnas and Moksha Yajnas. Many call him "Kalki" and consider him to be the Sampoorna Avatar as he has given enlightenment to so many. Satyaloka is rapidly gaining global recognition as the world wide headquarters for the enlightenment of mankind.

This Avatar and His Monastic Order are best known for thier abilities to transmit enlightenment to others.

View the Miracle of the Honey, 1999, Milipitas, Ca.
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