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Vaastu is an ancient vedic science/philosophy. Vaastu was first revealed by the Divine to a Vedic Sage who was seeking answers as to how a person could live a life relatively free of the sufferings and insecurities that even then had plagued man for much too long. Many feel that the early Buddhist monks brought vaastu from India to other parts of Asia were it evolved into the various schools of feng shui. Vaastu is sometimes called the "missing key" to feng shui or "The Mother of Feng Shui". Others feel that the two philosophies are totally separate and were revealed to different cultures in different places depending on their needs.

In any case even though their differences may be irreconsilable vaastu and feng shui marry so beautifully in many areas. It takes more than one tool to build a house. Use whatever will enhance the energy of the site. It is generally suggested that if moving or building to apply the principles of vaastu, as the value of correct foundation cannot be over-emphasized, particularly to a seeker of enlightenment. If living in a home with faulty vaastu and moving is not an option, it is good to employ feng shui cures just as you would add heating in a cold climate to make it more comfortable and habitable.

Knowledge of vaastu will help the feng shui practitioner and energy worker. Once it is understood how cosmic energy flows in relation to the site, it will be possible to troubleshoot and predict and prevent health problems, misfortune, divorce or other sufferings before they manifest. One might ask how the site can affect one's health, happiness and fortune. Think for one moment about the documented disadvantages of living under or close to a huge electrical transformer. The bio-magnetic field of a plot when seriously disturbed by the addition of a structure can be no less dangerous.

Cosmic energy enters the site from the Northeast.

The principles of vaastu are simple. Divine Energy enters the site from the Northeast and is directed towards the Southwest. It rises and splits. Half of it flows toward the Southeast, and half flows towards the Northwest before rising and flowing on towards the Southwest.

The North east has a double positive current and the Southwest a double negative. South of Southeast and West of Northwest are positive. North of Northwest and East of Southeast are negative.

The Northeast is called Deva Moola or God's Place. Water is the element of the Northeast and will enhance the energy there. Any time in nature there is water and light, there will be life. The energy of the Northeast is very light and brilliant.

The East is the direction of Knowledge, Southeast is the direction of Fire, South is the direction of Death, Southwest is the direction of Devils, West is Rain, and Northwest is Vayu or Windforce.

North, Northeast and East are in the positive field of the site.

South, Southwest and West are in the negative field.

Therefore it is best to have a plot that faces North or East (particularly if seeking enlightenment) as you would want to open your door onto the directions of Wealth, Divinity, or Knowledge, rather than onto the negative field of Death, Devils, and Rain.

It is interesting to note that the area of the ba-qua that lines up with the front entrance refers to the North reguardless of what direction the house actually faces. It is also interesting that the entrances to the pyramids are facing North. North is the prefered direction for one's dwelling to face, particularly for a seeker of enlightenment.

Knowledge of Vaastu can help a person puzzled by a recent change in fortune or health following a move.

Water is the element of the Northeast.

The Northeast must always be lower and more open than the Southwest. Depressions such as built in pools, ponds, valleys or wells should not be placed in the negative field as any hole or depression will increase the energy potential of a field. To create a depression in the South or Southwest is to invite death and misery into the site. The natural flow of energy is disrupted and it can be likened to the backing up of a septic system, bringing untold suffering to the inhabitants.

When the Northeast is lower and more open than the Southwest, the site becomes very rich in energy and the inhabitants experience great blessings.

Heavy objects decrease the energy potential of a field and are to be in the negative field. A mountain or a hill in the Southwest can bring great fortune and good health. Heavy objects should not be placed in the Northeast as no energy will be able to enter the site. Closed Northeast = dead plot. The Northeast should be very low and open.

Mountains to the Southwest are beneficial, offering health, wealth and happiness.

The directions in which one eats, sleeps and cooks, are very important.

The Northeast corner of the house, both inside and out should be very open. Some mistakenly put alters or religious staues in the Northeast corner as it is called "Deva Moola" or "Place of God."

This is not a good idea as the Northeast can be likened to the windpipe of the site. It does not matter if one is choking to death on a relgious artifact or on a green bean. The result is the same. It is best to keep everything out of the Northeast corner of all the rooms, but at the very least clear the Northeast corner of the house and yard.

The Northeast strongly affects the emotions as the element is water. Many mental disturbances or emotional disturbances are indicative of a defect in the Northeast quadrent of the plot or house. Sometimes a defect in the Northeast may result in cancer of the head or neck.

One should not sleep in the Northeast, especially if ill as recovery, if any, will be slow. Children who sleep in the Northeast quadrent of the house may experience learning or behavioral difficulties. If having difficulty conceiving a child, move the bedroom to the Southwest.

The master bedroom should be in the Southwest. The Northwest quadrent would be the second choice. Southeast bedrooms can bring great irritability and insomnia.

The head should be directed towards the South while sleeping or towards the east if a student.

It is best to face east when studying.

The kitchen should be in the Southeast. Northwest is the second choice.

It is not good to cook or to eat in the Northeast.

If a building or conglomeration of buildings are causing too much of a disruption to an energy field, sometimes natural disasters will occur. It is very important to chose a site that is in harmony with cosmic and bio-energies. Interestingly stonehenge appears to have been built according to vaastu.

In vaastu, the concern is in how the structure or compound affects the natural energy field, not so much how the flow affects the inhabitants. If one is not willing or able to build in harmony with the natural order or to make the necessary plot level corrections, the plot will one way or another shake the inhabitants off, be it by illness, bankruptcy, divorce, or even death. The worse the vaastu or the less suited for habitability, the more rapid the ill effects.

This will shed some light as to why a certain house or site may appear to be jinxed or is repeatedly up for sheriff sale, etc. In many cases, making a few corrections to the plot level will alleviate the problem for future generations.

A body of water which flows from South to North such as the Nile or the Monongahela which flows into Pittsburgh offers great spiritual potential.

In "Vaastu for Enlightenment" Dharma Dharini Bhagavad Dasa writes of attending a satsang at a Kalki Temple and hearing a man singing a bajan in his native tongue. The bajan contained the words Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela. She approached the gentleman and asked him to translate and it was something to the effect of come to the sacred city of Pittsburgh at the confluence of the Allengheny, Ohio, and Monongahela. She was quite amused as she had never heard Pittsburgh and sacred used in the same sentence before. Some of the attendees of the satsang told her that most of the new temples in the USA have been built in the Pittsburgh area.

Dharma Dharini is currently offering individual vaastu instruction in the Phoenix area. To host a vaastu class for your group of 4 or more email dharma@vedicshamanism. com.

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