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font size=3> For many years I have been a caregiver for a loved one who had been in respiratory failure for some time. He later underwent a double lung transplant at Saint Joseph's hospital in Phoenix.

I am very grateful to longtime friends, Dr. Angel Cartwright (Mambo Angel) and Rani Kumra (Sri Raniji). Without hesitation Raniji agreed to be a back up caregiver for a man that she never met and was soon planning what to cook. In the act of agreeing, she helped to save a man's life. Not only must a transplant patient have a caregiver but there has to be a back up in case something happens to the first caregiver. It was almost a deal breaker. Many people who are good candidates for a transplant die because they do not have even 1 caregiver let alone 2 or 3.

Several weeks after he entered the hospital to die or to receive a transplant, my oldest friend, Dr. Angel Cartwright returned unexpectedly from her home in Ghana, and offered to come to Phoenix to assist as well. I was beyond relieved as well as deeply touched. As it turned out it was not necessary for either of them to come. It is far easier to care for someone after a transplant than someone in end stage respiratory failure. Their frequent calls, prayers and offers of assistance were a source of great strength and comfort to me and surely impacted the outcome in a positive way.

After spending considerable time at the hospital, waiting with him as he lay there nearly drowning in the air of room on 10+ liters of oxygen, and waiting for death or for a transplant, strangely I would have to number the hospital among the sacred sites that I have visited. God walks there. Miracles abound.

Julia Ward Howe wrote: " I have seen Him in the watchfires of a hundred circling camps." Many have seen also seen Him in the "watchfires" of a surgical waiting room or the ICU, during the long journey down the hall to the elevator on the way to Hospice, or during yet another day and night spent weeping by a bed. In times of great necessity the Lord often intervenes in very tangible and undeniable ways as the case for me there. When asked if I did not have anyone to sit with me during the transplant, I blurted out, “God’s here. He will sit with me.” It never occurred to me to call anyone so great was the presence.

Some have spent years on sacred mountains yelling the name of chakras, meditated in the beautiful gardens of ashrams or where Gautama Buddha attained, they have walked where Jesus walked, viewed sacred relics, visited temples and the grandest of cathedrals all over the world. Yet not all that much has happened for many of them. Lifetimes have been spent seeking.

Yet history tells of God intervening, often to an average person or someone who would be considered fallen or unworthy person. Many times it is in an unlikely or not so beautiful place such as on a dusty road to Damascus, on a battlefield, in a prison, or a hospital as in the life of St. John of God. Such profound divine mystical experience transforms man. All else is reformation. It moves the person from a state of belief (ignorance or more kindly, hoping something is so) to experience. This moving from belief to experience is a common denominator in the lives of prophets, saints, sages, and mystics.

It is said that when God comes the temple runs. Hospitals and battlefields never run.

People approach caregiving and the impending death of a loved one in many ways. To me the initial terminal diagnosis in meant war. I saw, not imagined, but physically saw, a vortex with every dream we had ever had circling and vanishing. Everything was empty. Then mentally I tied myself to a stake, drove it into the ground and prepared to fight to the death for him. I married him.

Now nearly 5 years from the transplant, as the relentless process of rejection runs its course, I wonder often about Lazarus, and if and how he died a second time, and I think of the legend Kisagotami, and how she came to accept death.

I no longer travel or teach. Below are links to friends and teachers, who conduct programs and help seekers from the USA as well as links that may be of interest. - Dharma Dharini

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