Moksha Yajna
Death and Beyond
Dying Well

Moksha can be defined as a total merging with Supreme Light after death. The person who attains moksha is liberated from the cycle of births and deaths. He/she will take no more births.

This Moksha Yajna is a tremendously powerful preparation to enter the greatest mystery that a man or a woman will encounter-the passage from life to death and beyond death.

It is a traditional Eastern yajna open to those who are 55 years of age or older or to those who are terminally ill.

The participant will have tremendous understanding of what happens upon death, why some become spirits, why some enter lokas such as a heaven, why others reenter the cycle of births and deaths (reincarnate), and while just a few attain moksha which can be described as a merging with Supreme Light. The condition of man is such that we for the most part die alone and in misery. This need not be the case.

While at Satyaloka in 2000, I saw buses of senior citizens coming to attend a retreat called a Moksha Yajna which is a mystical process for Death and the time beyond Death. We were not permitted to go to that part of the campus, but at night I would go out into the mango grove, climb a boulder and look at the Dhyana Vihar where the retreat was being conducted. It was fascinating to me and I wished that I could offer this retreat in the USA along with the others I had been conducting. Such a gift it was to the seniors and dying.

I could not help but notice the difference in the seniors after the retreat was over as they were touring the Monastery several days later. There was a look of such peace and joy in their eyes. Their eyes were happy, bright and clear and they looked so very vibrant-so very beautiful-like great beings of light. They radiated love, power, peace, compassion, and wisdom. There was an sense of inner knowing and great vitality about them. Rather than the broken down tired old people who had arrived on a bus the previous day they seemed like tribal elders-the ancient wise who had mastered life.

They had been given the opportunity to go where mortals never go. They had traveled mystically to the realm of death and beyond death. They had visited that great beyond and had conquered man's greatest fear. They now had the roadmap for death and beyond, and they now knew how to have a beautiful and joyous physical death.

They had personally discovered what was necessary to reach the seldom attained state of moksha. Many had received the profound divine mystical experience-the divine union-during the yajna as well. As a result they were now experiencing life to the fullest. It was like a rebirth for many of them. And it was so very beautiful to see them in that state. So often, even when surrounded by loved ones, modern man dies alone and in misery. This is an abberation and need not be so.

I had a deep desire to make the moksha yajna available to the seniors of North America. Daily I begged the monks, and later Sri Bhagavan personally, to grant me the training and preparation necessary to offer this yajna in the USA. They seemed somewhat surprised by the request at first, but soon agreed.

Later I took training and initaition to offer this. In the experience of death my life was transformed.

In the early years of this dharma of transformation and enlightenment we focused on the living as well as those who had passed but were still lingering. Later much of my time was spent working with spirits and helping them to go on than conducting retreats for the living. The main difference between a spirit and a living being is that the spirit does not have a physical body to vent off some of the existential and psychological suffering. This is what can make them dangerous to the living. It is a fascinating process.


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