A Profound Inward Journey

In The Ancient Tradition of Enlightenment

There was a beautiful and mysterious place in the South Indian Mountains, called Satyaloka, where the largest known population of enlightened beings on the planet once dwelled. In 1998 the doors of Satyaloka opened to the world for several years. Eight Americans only completed the first 42 day Mukti Yajna for the West. Among them were Frank, Bernie, Kathy, Uttama, and Dharma Dharini from the Pittsburgh Area, Leila and Sheila from New York, and Sri Raniji from San Jose. Freddy Nielsen (www.selfgrowth.com) was also in attendance along with hundreds of Russian seekers, healers, and mystics.

The siddha purushas of Satyaloka- have attained tremendous powers and have been given the ability to help practically any serious seeker to attain enlightenment by a great being who dwells there, a sage whom the people call Sri Kalki Bhagavan. This great sage is world renowned for his ability to give enlightenment to others. Seekers from many lands have gathered at Satyaloka to attend intensive retreats for enlightenment (mukti yajnas) and to take intensive training and initiation to help others.

The word Satyaloka means "the Abode of Truth." Another meaning is "7th Heaven". Mystics from Russia have called Satyaloka Monastery and the phenomenon occurring there "The Descent of Light to Earth."

The little known and seldom discovered ancient enlightened lineage, preserved at Satyaloka, dates back to a time when enlightenment was the norm, and suffering was considered to be an aberration. This enlightened shamanic community is tremendous impact on returning this ancient natural state of enlightenment to mankind. So many have attained states of enlightenment thru their loving guidence. Sucess in the transmission of this once natural state of enlightened consciousness to the masses is entirely unprecedented in recorded history!

With just a brief meeting with the dasas (monks) of Satyaloka, many very average individuals have had Profound Divine Mystical Experiences (personal and undeniable encounters with the Divine) similar to that of many of the great sages, saints, prophets and mystics through the ages. Others, in a moment, have experienced the Divine Union sought by those who practice yoga.

At one time Satyaloka was the campus of a school called Jivashram. The students staying there began to have beautiful astral and mystical experiences. They would go on many astral travels and meet great beings and visit different lokas or realms. They were able to understand high philosophy, amazing many scholars. Many of the studentswere enlightened before the age of 16. Some of the parents became frightened and removed the children from school. Others wanted to know what their children had discovered and small retreats were held ther for them. That was the beginning of Satyaloka as a major spiritual force working for the enlightenment of the masses.

There is a tremendous energy vortex at Satyaloka. Many sages and saints have come from a 100 mile radius of Satyaloka. Just to be on the grounds of Satyaloka can lead to Transformed States of Consciousness, Profound Divine Mystical Experience, or the Divine Union. To be in Satyaloka is like entering another realm. Physically you have the experience of being in another world.

At Satyaloka thousands have received dikshas (deekshas) (deekshas) which are spiritual initiations. This has helped them to grow spiritually at a very rapid rate. A tremendous degree of transformation and spiritual development has occurred for them in a relatively short time. Some now walk and talk with the source of Supreme Love (God) in a form they can see, hear and touch, and they can see this in the heart of all creation. For these blessed individuals the Kingdom has come. They have entered the Golden Age which is a state of consciousness as well as an astrological occurrence. It is an appeasement of obsessions and an end to conflict.

In ancient times such transformational experience and enlightenment was attained through a combination of diksha (spiritual initiation), maha sutras (profound ancient wisdom), sadhanas (spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation). Through Grace and the dikshas given at Satyaloka for enlightenment, understanding ancient wisdom & philosophy, healing, and state of Laughing Buddha, many very average people have experienced states of consciousness normally only experienced by sages, saints, prophets, and mystics. For these awakened individuals Heaven has met Earth. Enlightenment and Transformation are no longer concepts for them. This type of mass awakening or state of seeing is characteristic of the advent of the Golden Age. Such mystical experience & realization is an early part of an ancient path to enlightenment.

The Age of Aquarius is just a small age within the Golden Age. Many of the changes on this planet signify the advent of the Golden Age. The Golden Age is a phenomenon that will not only affect the planet, but will affect you and your family. Every cell in your body-you DNA will be affected. The way you perceive reality will be changed.

Within this site you will find articles about Satyaloka, articles on Siddhi Powers and Chakras, Vaastu, Vedic Shamanism, the impact of the planet Mulam on human consciousness, the Golden Age and its relationship to the Age of Aquarius, transcripts of workshops of Dharma Dharini one of the first Western initiates of Satyaloka, Profound Divine Mystical Experiences and the Realationship to Enlightenment, Alternative Healing, Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Satyaloka Quartz, Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui), Moksha Yajnas held in the USA & Satyaloka which are much like Mystical roadmaps to Death and Beyond Death, & interviews with Dasas (monks) of Satyaloka.

Note from Dharma Dharini Satyaloka has been closed to the public for many years now. It is no longer a monastery. Some of the monks now teach at the "Oneness University" while others have gone out into the world to live their lives and to help mankind. When I met with Kalki Bhagavan at his home at Satyaloka, He said to be a spiritual business person, to study with and work with other gurus. If it gives you energy take it. If you lose energy leave it. In the years that followed I had the great pleasure and blessing of promoting events and sometimes teaching for other masters who came to the USA. If there has been one great insight in my life it is that suffering and gratitude rarely if ever co-exist.

Then was then neither what is nor what is not
There was no sky nor Heaven beyond.
What covered all? What sheltered? What concealed?
Was it water's unfathomed abyss?

There was no Death, so there was nothing Immortal
No divider between Night and Day.

That One, breathed breathless by Itself,
Apart from It
There was nothing at all.
Darkness concealed in darkness was at there first.
A sea without light.
All that existed then was Void and Formless.
By the great power of Heat was born that One.

 Thereafter rose Love in the beginning,
Desire, the primal seed springing from mind
And germ of Spirit.
Sages who searched with their heartís thought discovered the

Existentís kinship in the non-existent.
The seed of what is in what is not.

 Transversely was their ray extended: What was above It?

†And what below?

†There were begetters, There were Powers; self power below

†And Energy above.

Who then knows and who can declare it,
Whence It was born

And whence came this creation?

The gods came later than this world’s creation.
Who knows, then,
Whence it first arose?

 He, from whom this creation arose,
Whether he formed it or did not form it,

Whose eye controls this world in highest Heaven,
He Knows it, or perhaps he does not know.

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Lord of Enlightenment-Miracle of the Honey

In Milipitas, California Honey began to pour from the hands of the Sri Murthi (Icon) of Sri Bhagavan. When asked about the miracle the great sage replied, "It is a marriage of science and religion. They have been separated much too long."

Mantras for Healing,Transformation and Enlightenment

Consciousness is based in sound. Thought is a subtle form of sound.If you want to change the consciousness, change the sounds. Following are some wonderful mantras that deeply impact consciousness.

The Moola (Mula) Mantra

Om Sat Chit Ananda
Parabrahma Purushothama Paramathma
Sri Bhagavathi Padmavathi Sametha
Sri Kalki Bhagavathe Namaha

Ganesha Mantras
Ganesha Mantras are Siddhi (One With Perfection) Mantras. They bring success, fulfillment, peace, Oneness, and knowledge when chanted with devotion.
Mantra 1. Aum Sumukhaya Namah-the words that you speak are filled with the power of Love
Mantra 2. Aum Kapilaya Namah-Whatever you wish for the healing of others comes true.
Mantra 3 Aum Gajakarnikaya Namah-For Celestial Hearing
Mantra 4. Aum Lambodaraya Namah-Oneness with the Universe
Mantra 5. Aum Bhalachandraya Namah-A Healing Mantra
Mantra 6. Aum Gan Ganapatye Namah-Merging with Supreme Knowledge and Peace-for success-this is the Mula or root mantra of Ganesha

Tales of Oneness

Trailanga of Benares and the Clabbered Milk

Trailanga of Benares was 300 years old when he died, weighing 300 pounds-one pound for each year of his life. It was not uncommon to see him laying on slabs, that were blistering hot from the sun at Manikarnika Ghat. He was sometimes seen floating on the Ganges for many days, just sitting there on top of the water. Other days he would stay under the water for excessively long periods of time. He taught the life need not depend on oxygen or various conditions generally thought of as necessary for survival.

Trailanga did not wear clothing which was disturbing to many, and from time to time the police would arrest him and throw him in jail. Each time Trailanga's huge naked was soon seen on the roof, yet his cell was still locked. Posting a guard did not change anything. Before long Trailanga would be on the roof of the jail.

He rarely ate or spoke but ometimes he would drink pots of clabbered (cultured) milk offered to him by his devotees. One day a man decided to expose Trailanga as a fraud. He brought him a pot of calcium-lime whitewash, and told Trailanga that is was clabbered milk and asked him to drink it.

Trailanga drank it. All of it. In a moment the man who had given Trailanga the burning lime fell to the ground, writhing and screaming in agony.

"Oh help me, Swami!! Help me! I am on fire! Forgive me!" Trailanga broke his silence, "You did not realize that when you offered me poison that my life is one with yours. Except for my knowledge that God is in all of creation including my stomach, the lime would have killed me. Never again play tricks on anyone." The man was healed by Trailanga's words.